Can You Really Buy Levitra Without Prescription?

Our modern age has made many things convenient. Modern medicine has become even better than ever. Treating a bothersome condition can be as easy as taking a pill. For men with ED, they can simply take an ED pill like Viagra and they will be able to participate in sexual activities again with vigor and enjoyment. However, one inconvenience that has popped up recently is the need for a proper prescription when you buy Viagra and other similar products. After all, it can be embarrassing to come up to your doctor and talk about a decline in your sexual prowess.

Nobody wants to have a potentially awkward conversation with their doctor about sex pills, so there are plenty of men who try to look for ways to get their medications without having to visit their doctor. There is no shortage of online pharmacies that are offering to sell genuine ED products to their customers without needing any form of prescription. But is it actually possible to purchase a prescription ED medication like Levitra over the counter? The simple answer is obvious: Of course not. That would be illegal.

Levitra can be Found In Several Pharmacies Worldwide

These products are prescription-only for a reason. Not only can they cause some serious side effects when misused or taken in excess, but there are conditions and other medications that can’t be taken in conjunction with these pills due to negative interactions. It is vitally important for you to have a proper consultation with a licensed physician for your own safety. There are, in fact, some pharmacies that offer a free online consultation with a real doctor who will discuss with you about the practicality of taking certain drugs and can dispense proper prescriptions for you. Other than these pharmacies, you should not attempt to purchase medications online without coming in with a prescription ahead of time.

Levitra Online Canada

While the United States is only slowly beginning to open up its borders in terms of accepting pharmaceuticals from other countries, some countries like Canada are able to import all sorts of medications from other countries, notably the UK and India. Because of the wider range of products that they have in stock, they are actually able to sell their products for much cheaper prices, especially when they’re advertising these medications online, where there is a huge demand for them.

There Are Incredible Prices Waiting at Online Stores

While the regular price of Levitra comes up to an average of $25 per pill, you can see a huge difference online. Each pill can go for as much as only $3.50. That’s more than $20 less than what you would usually buy for them if you went to a regular pharmacy down the street. The prices go down each time you buy more of the same product. Canadian pharmacies are also offering to provide well-deserved discounts to returning buyers. Other countries are also able to order these medications from Canada. However, the US has no such luck due to their import restrictions.

Buy Generic Levitra Online

Levitra is a drug that was manufactured by the American companies Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Schering-Plough. Because they marketed it with a brand and gained all the rights to using it in the US, Levitra is quite expensive there. However, buying the generics are a different story altogether.

The generic form of Levitra is called Vardenafil, which you can actually see on every box that you purchase. Vardenafil is the main chemical that allows Levitra to treat ED. It is a PDE5 inhibitor, just like the main ingredients for Viagra and Cialis, which means that it can significantly improve the blood flow in your body by relaxing tense or narrowed blood vessels. This makes erections harder since they occur because of an influx of blood to the penis when it is sexually stimulated.

Generic Levitra is a Huge Hit for Men with Limited Funds

Many men have remarked that using the generics have been no different for them than using the usual brands. This makes sense, as essentially all of these contain the same important components to do the job. There are plenty of reliable and safe pharmacies out there that are offering their customers the generics, which are much lower priced than their branded equals.

Generic Levitra Online Pricing

If you want to find online stores that are selling genuine medications at low prices, then take a look through the recommendations list we’ve prepared of licensed online pharmacies.


Levitra and other ED treatments are very important to maintaining the sex lives of men all over the world. It gives them a choice in getting a low-risk but effective way to treat their ED and feel young in the bedroom again. Many men are trying to find pharmacies online that will dispense these wonder pills without the need for a prescription, as they find it tedious or shameful. However, this is a bad idea considering all the risks you will be taking if you try to buy over the counter ED pills. These medications may actually be knock-off pills that do not treat the problem at all. Also, you may be compromising your safety and privacy by handing out important information for your transaction with a shady dealer.

With all this in mind, it is important to visit your doctor when you feel the need to buy Levitra, Viagra, and other ED pills. This will ensure that you will know exactly what to do when you buy these drugs, such as knowing how to take them, when to take them, and how often you should do so. You’ll also get valuable advice, especially when you feel your dose it too strong or weak, or if you feel like you want to try other ED pills that better suit your style.