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Fildena 100mg is an erectile dysfunction drug. It contains sildenafil and such drugs are known as generic Viagra. The branded Viagra was manufactured by Pfizer and it also contains sildenafil. Fildena 100mg is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare. They have been around for over 3 decades. You can buy fildena from Italy and other European countries, U.S., Asia, and Africa. Fildena is available in most local shops around you. You can buy it from an online pharmacy too. Most often, online pharmacies sell Fildena cheaper than local pharmacies. They give discounts and also offer coupons to buy their products. If you’re in Italy and you need Fildena, there are several online pharmacies that Fildena at an affordable price. We have made a list of online pharmacies that are reliable and sell Fildena at an affordable and cheap price. They offer the best prices and services. You can get your product within a few days after placing your order.Fildena 100mg must be sold with a doctors’ prescription in Italy. The only country that permits the sale of erectile dysfunction drugs without a prescription is U.K. Fildena is the first generic drug that was produced after the patent that Pfizer had over the sildenafil ended sometime in 2012.this gave other pharmaceutical companies the right to produce erectile dysfunction drugs.

Usually, before a drug is allowed for consumption, it must get the approval of the necessary administrative agencies. Fildena is approved by the US-FDA and other agencies in other countries where they operate.

Can I Buy Fildena 100mg Without Prescription in Italy?

The answer is simply no. When you visit a doctor to obtain a prescription as much as getting treatment, ensure that you follow your doctor’s prescription strictly. Most patients always want to stay away from getting prescription. They find it difficult discussing their sexual performance with their doctor. The truth remains that consulting a doctor before you take erectile dysfunction drug is your best interest. It guarantees that your health will not be at risk. They know the dose that suits your system. Don’t patronize any website or local pharmacy in Italy offering to sell Fildena without a prescription. They may defraud you of your hard earned money.

Fildena 100mg

You can’t buy an erectile dysfunction drug without a prescription even if it’s from an online pharmacy. We have put together a list of online pharmacies that sell Fildena in Italy and also have in-house doctors who will examine you and prescribe the right dose. These pharmacies also offer free sex sample pills to their patients. This will give you the opportunity to test the quality of their drug. They are certified doctors with several years of experience. So when next you want to buy an erectile dysfunction drug visit any of them.

The Price of Fildena 100 Online

You can buy a pill of Fildena for as low as USD 1.34. This is a far cry from what Branded Viagra is sold in the market.the price of branded Viagra has continued to soar. Before now, most men who were severing from erectile dysfunction couldn’t afford to buy a pill of Viagra. but the introduction drugs like Fildena has given them back the self-esteem they were lacking. The best place to buy Fildena cheap is from an online pharmacy. We have made reference to our list of online pharmacies that sell Fildena and other erectile dysfunction drugs earlier. Your privacy is guaranteed and they sell original drugs.

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Fildena Reviews

Fildena reviews are all over the internet. This has been around for a while. Some patients who used the drug decide to leave some comments about their experience after using the drug. A majority expressed satisfaction and didn’t complain of any side effect. This can only be possible if you follow your doctor’s advice. One of the patients known as Madingo said he was impressed with the reaction he got after using the drug.

Fildena Reviews

Don’t get carried away with how to get a cheap product. Your aim should be how to get a quality drug rather than quantity.


Fildena is sold everywhere around the world including Italy. This product is also recognized by an international organization like world health organization (WHO). Although the manufacturer is based in India, they have operations in most developed countries of the world. There is nothing wrong verifying the address of the online pharmacy and also following your doctor’s instruction. As medical practitioners, they will know better. Inform your doctor of the last medication you took and also your medical history. All these information’s will guide him.

Patients who are suffering from low or high blood pressure should inform their doctor of their health status. If you have suffered a stroke, heart disease, liver, and kidney, please don’t hesitate to inform the doctor. Any form of self-medication is completely prohibited. Some of the side effects you may likely notice are headaches, heartburn, weakness, dizziness, and back pain. These side effects may disappear after two days. They may not be any need to take medication. You may also notice prolonged erection and fainting. A prolonged erection should be given an immediate attention or it might damage your penis.

Store at a room temperature and keep it away from children, newborn babies, pets, and women. There is no concrete research that shows that women can take erectile dysfunction drug to enhance their sexual performance. Don’t share your medication and prescription with anyone.