Fildena Sildenafil Citrate Tablets

Erectile dysfunction is a relatively common condition among men. This has given rise to the production of several drugs that treat this condition. Though these drugs perform the same function of restoring normal erectile functioning. They all employ different active ingredients to relax the muscles of the penile and to boost the amount of blood that flows to the male organ, consequently leading to a solid and sustainable erection when sexually aroused. The commonest of this active ingredient is sildenafil citrate. Though the first drug to use this ingredient is Viagra, several drugs have also adopted this ingredient for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Fildena is one of these drugs that employs sildenafil citrate for treating impotence or erectile dysfunction. Fildena is one of the most popular brands that adopts Viagra’s sildenafil. It has a great success rate and has proven a great level of efficacy since its existence. It is made in India by the reliable pharmaceutical company called Fortune Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. This manufacturer produces several Fildena sildenafil citrate tablets of different forms and dosages. we’d be going through each of the common ones in this article.

Fildena 100 Online India

Like you already know, Fildena is produced in India. This explains the reason for its uncommon affordability. I mean a top-notch drug must have a reason for being relatively low priced. The country of production is one of the reasons. Drugs produced in India are generally cheap when compared to the drug produced in other countries. This is as a result of the government not encouraging the patenting of drugs. Therefore competition is high among pharmaceutical companies and wherever competition is high, the price is always low since pharmaceutical companies would want to ensure their product is demanded.

Fildena 100 implies that the amount of sildenafil in one tablet is 100 mg. Fildena 100 is produced in different forms with the aim to fit several sexual lifestyles and to satisfy different erectile needs. The common ones include the Fildena professional, Fildena CT (chewable), Fildena super active (soft gel), the Fildena sildenafil citrate sublingual tablets, the standard Fildena sildenafil citrate. These drugs are all strong and should be used with caution. The general pricing for Fildena 100 ranges from $0.83 to $1.65 depending on the number of tablets you purchase and the pharmacy you purchase it from.

Fildena 100 Pricing Image

Only one tablet of this Fildena 100 should be ingested within a period of one day. Exceeding it may cause grievous harm to you. Getting it online is also not a problem at all. You can get it in almost all online pharmacies since it is fairly popular. However, we implore you to get it from the pharmacies that we recommend for your safety and for the best price. To see these pharmacies, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

Fildena 150

150 mg is another form that this drug comes in. Each tablet of fildena 150 mg contains 150 mg sildenafil citrate and can be said to be the most powerful of all the forms of this drug since it contains an extra content of sildenafil. It is referred to as Fildena extra power 150. However, you should put it at the back of your mind that it is not a drug that you just rush to use as it is powerful. This dosage is appropriate for those individuals with severe impotence. Since this drug has an extra content of sildenafil it is appropriate to treat severe impotence issues and it gives more potency. Therefore, if you want to use Fildena, you can use a lower dose.

Fildena 150 Package

The extra power should be used only if you have tried other dosages and you require more potency. You might also want to consider your reaction to the other dosages you have used initially. Though in many cases when you increase the dosage of a drug gradually, your body gets accustomed to the contents and there is a lower risk of developing side effects. A tablet of this drug should be used orally with water once a day and should not be exceeded. Otherwise, you risk developing side effects that could be very dangerous to the health.

Fildena 25

Here is yet another dosage of Fildena. Each tablet of Fildena 25 contains 25 mg sildenafil citrate and it is appropriate for those looking for something mild. It is also appropriate to start with this dosage when you newly begin the use of this drug. Using this level of dosage lowers the risk of side effects. It also ensures that you get treated through the mildest means. The fact that it contains a low level of sildenafil citrate does not imply that it would not give you the erection you desire. You would have to try it first to determine if you would be needing a higher dosage.

Fildena 25 Blister

There are several men that use this dosage and they claim that it works fine for them. As a matter of fact, data has it that over 60% of men who use this dosage get their impotence treated. You could try it to enjoy a strong erection without feeling side effects. Another advantage is the fact that it is the cheapest of the Fildena Sildenafil tablets since it is the lowest of them all.


There are several forms of Fildena Sildenafil tablets. The one that is perfect for you would depend on what you are looking for in an ED drug. Your sex life and erectile needs would also be a great determinant. You can try them to see which one suits you best. All in all, Fildena is a drug that is very effective in treating impotence and it works very fine using the popular sildenafil citrate. For the best of pharmacies that offer this drug at the best of prices, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. We also advise that you beware of fraudsters.