Minoxidil And Finasteride: Do They Really Treat Hair Loss?

If you have been experiencing a lot of troubles with your hair loss, there is no need to worry anymore. Two drugs are available in the market. These two solutions have been known to help men in growing back their hair. The two solutions available are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Finasteride is the active ingredient found in Propecia while minoxidil is the active ingredient that you will find in Rogaine. Originally, Minoxidil was manufactured in order to help in the treatment of high blood pressure. It was noticed that the patients who were using the drug to treat their high blood pressure experienced a side effect that involved hair growth. Companies took this as an advantage and created a drug that contained 2% of minoxidil as the active ingredient in order to help men in improving their hair growth.

Finasteride, on the other hand, has two functions. The first function is that it helps men in dealing with an enlarged prostate and the second function is helping men grow their hair back. The big question which bothers men who want to improve their hair growth whether these two drugs work.

Minoxidil and Finasteride Results: Customer Reviews

These two drugs have already been on the market long enough. This means that men have already used both of these drugs and provided reviews explaining the effects that both of these drugs had on them. Looking at these reviews can help any man determine whether these drugs provide any results.

Minoxidil consumer review

The man in the review above started losing his hair in his late 40s and 50s. He started using minoxidil and as a result, he has gotten great results after about 6 months of using the drug. The drug that he uses is Rogaine whose active ingredient is minoxidil. He claims that his hair looks great and due to the help of this drug it has continued to grow. He has rated this drug 10 out of 10 which means that he is very satisfied with the results that he has gotten.

Minoxidil review

The man in the above review claims that to him minoxidil has been a lifesaver. He has been using this drug for 3 years and it has restored all the hair that he had before he started losing his hair. He tells men who claim that it is working that they must be doing something wrong. The only side effects that he has felt is an itchy scalp and some dandruff.

Finasteride consumer review

The reviewer claims that he has been using finasteride for the past 4 months and he has noticed that his hair stopped to fall completely. He now says that his thick hair is back and more hair is still growing.

Finasteride user review

Paul claims that baldness runs in their family. He started taking Propecia which contains finasteride as the active ingredient when he was 39-years-old. Now he is 51-years-old and his hair has grown stronger and thicker. He has never had any side effects and he recommends finasteride to any other man who would like to grow his hair back.

As you can see in the reviews above, it is very clear that both minoxidil and finasteride usually works. This means if you are experiencing any hair loss, you can choose to use any one of these solutions. But, is there a better solution that contains both minoxidil and Finasteride that can be applied topically?

Minoxidil and Finasteride Topical Solution

Minoxidil will increase hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles. When the blood flow to the hair follicles has been increased, the amount of nutrients available to these follicles increases and hence stimulating hair growth. Minoxidil also helps in reversing the miniaturization of hair follicles.

Rogaine topical solution

Finasteride, on the other hand, works to inhibit an enzyme by the name 5-alpha reductase. This prevents the enzyme from reducing testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is responsible for preventing men’s hair from growing. Once DHT levels have been reduced, men gain the ability to grow their hair.

A topical solution that contains both finasteride and minoxidil is available. This solution is usually made up of 5% minoxidil which is fortified with 0.1% finasteride. However, this topical solution has only proven to be effective when used by men after men have used topical minoxidil ( 5%) and oral finasteride for 2 years in order to stimulate their hair growth. Once the hair growth has already been stimulated, then these men can use the topical solution containing both finasteride and minoxidil to maintain their hair.

Minoxidil and Finasteride Side Effects

Both these drugs, when used in the correct way, are supposed to help you in restoring your hair growth. However, if you end up misusing these drugs, you will end up having a lot of health complications. Some of the side effects that you get from misusing minoxidil include severe scalp irritation, chest pains, and fast heartbeats.

Propecia – finasteride containing drug

Some of the side effects which arise from misusing your finasteride include loss of sexual interest, impotence, and abnormal ejaculations. Since both finasteride and Propecia are available in their generic forms, men usually misuse these drugs even without realizing. This is usually due to these men buying from fake drug stores which sell them counterfeit drugs. Counterfeit drugs usually contain the wrong active ingredient or the right active ingredient but in excess. The excess active ingredient will cause these men to overdose even without them realizing. To avoid side effects which arise due to overdose as a result of ordering your generic finasteride and generic minoxidil from fake drugstores. Make sure that you only order your drugs from the drugstores we recommend to you.

In very rare cases, some side effects which are very mild have been reported by men even after they had used their finasteride and minoxidil in the correct dosages. These mild side effects include flushing, dizziness and a confusion for men who use minoxidil. For men who use finasteride, the mild side effects include a runny nose, mild headache, dizziness and some weakness.


Both minoxidil and finasteride are available in the market to help men in solving their hair loss problems. Both of these drugs are available in their generic forms which means you don’t have to worry about paying a fortune in order to get access to the branded drugs. This also means that you don’t need a prescription for you to acquire the drugs.

You have to be careful about where you get your drugs though. Majority of online drugstores are just looking to steal from you and you should, therefore, avoid buying from pharmacies that you don’t know. The best thing you can do in order to avoid counterfeit drugs is to buy your Minoxidil and Finasteride from the pharmacies on our TOP Recommended List.