Where to Buy Levitra Over the Counter: Buying Levitra without A Physical Prescription Can Be Done Safely

Levitra 10mg 4 pills pack

Levitra is one of the common medications that are used to treat impotence, or as some like to call it, ED. It has an active ingredient called Vardenafil. Vardenafil is a compound that is referred to as a PDE-5 inhibitor and it works in the same way as Cialis and Viagra. Levitra was brought in at around 2003 by the famous company known as Bayer. It was an agreement between GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer, and Schering Plough to market the product together.

Since it is a PDE-5 inhibitor, it impedes the action of the enzyme known as phosphodiesterase type 5. PDE 5 is dealt with because its presence curbs the action of a substance known as cyclic GMP. Cyclic GMP, or cGMP, is usually found in the walls of the cells that make up the lining of blood vessels. Their presence is what enables the wall of the blood vessels to relax thus blood flows more smoothly. This whole process takes place when the man is sexually aroused. The increased blood supply constitutes an erection.

Levitra works more or less like Cialis and Viagra. Their active ingredients are Tadalafil and Sildenafil respectively. The reason they are all not too far from each other is that there are quite tiny differences in the molecular structures of the medicines. For some people who can’t work with Cialis or Viagra, Levitra works just fine. The responses elicited by different people to different medications is different.

Can Levitra Be Purchased over the Counter?

Levitra cannot be bought without a medication, as per the regulations of FDA. Levitra is not an over-the-counter medication in the ideal situation. Since Levitra does not work with all people, it is essential that you see a doctor who will judge whether you can take the medication. He or she will also determine the best dose so that you adjust yourself to the perfect dose. It is a delicate balance that has to be struck hence the need for the prescription.

There are many vendors who are fraudulent and will provide the wrong medication as over-the-counter Levitra. Meanwhile, there are still some pharmacies that can supply you with Levitra without a prescription. However, they will prompt you to fill a questionnaire to determine your suitability to take Levitra. The second instance can be seen as Levitra over the counter. Always be wary of the fraudulent vendors. We have made things better by providing some vendors who are reputable enough.

Buy Levitra at Walmart

Walmart stores are dotted across the country. They are quite ubiquitous. Since it is a retail chain, you can find medication in the drug section. A bit of advice when buying Levitra from Walmart is to buy the 20mg pills if you are supposed to take 10mg. Then you will be splitting the pills and taking half a pill as a 10mg dose. This easy hack will save you some cash because 20mg pills and 10mg pills cost the same. It is an ingenious way to scrape some savings while buying your medication.

A Walmart store

If you buy Levitra at Walmart, the price of 10 pills of 20mg Levitra is $565.2 in Miami while at Indianapolis, the same vial will sell at $505.00. There is a big disparity between buying Levitra from Walmart and buying online at a credible online seller. The price at Walmart is very high as you will find out if you try it out. Sometimes, the pills can be priced differently between the big chain stores like Walgreens and Costco. You have to shop around to make a smart buy and save yourself some cash at the end of the day. The price of Levitra in one Walmart will sometimes be different from another in a different state or location which is a bit strange sometimes.

Levitra without a Doctor Prescription

Sometimes you are just too shy to visit your doctor and make an appointment to spill your guts about your dysfunctional penis. Perhaps you cannot see the doctor for one reason or another hence finding an alternative way to buy the pills without consulting the doctor is appealing. In this case, you can turn your attention to the online pharmacy scene. You can easily buy your pills if you find a credible pharmacy. The advantage is that you do not have to leave your seat and you can have the medication mailed to your address discreetly. If you are too busy at work and have no time to make an appointment with the doctor so that you can buy Levitra, go the online route. It is quite easy.

Cheap Levitra 20mg

Buying Levitra from CVS or Walmart or Walgreens requires a prescription. In addition to that, you will find the medication prohibitively expensive. If you are in the USA, the patent for Levitra is still in force and until it expires this year, you will continue to pay high prices at the major outlets. If you want to buy cheap Levitra, your best bet is the online sellers.

Generic Vardenafil Tablets 20mg

You can find a cheaper alternative if you buy in bulk. Before Generics become widely accepted in the US, you should buy your medication online.


Buying Levitra requires a prescription. If you want to buy without a prescription, you need to find a credible seller online. They will require you to fill out an online questionnaire. Once you fill it out, it can be sent to you discreetly. It is like buying Levitra over the counter. The most important part is to find the credible seller in a world filled with imposters. We have a top List of Recommended Pharmacies to help you out in that regard.