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On the list of the most popular drug brands for erectile dysfunction (ED), Levitra, or also known as the drug Vardenafil, is third on the top three, next to Viagra and Cialis. It was manufactured by Bayer and GSK, a collaboration of two pharmaceutical giants to produce a drug that acts just as effective as the first two brands but almost without side effects. Vardenafil is an engineered form of Sildenafil, Viagra’s active component.

Compared to Viagra, it works faster but its length of effect lasts just as long. If Viagra needs 1 hour before it’s dissolved by the body and takes effect, Levitra will only need 30 minutes just like Cialis. Levitra might last as long as Viagra but its duration can only run for 5 hours, 31 hours short of Cialis’ effects. Levitra’s main advantage over the other two brands is that almost none of its users complain of side effects that come with its use. So if customers would want to benefit from the potent effects of an ED drug without the minor side effects like flushing, stuffy nose, headache, and others, Levitra is definitely the brand of choice.

Levitra can be bought at local stores as long as the customer has a valid prescription coming from their doctor. Vardenafil is strictly a prescription medicine like Cialis and Viagra and local pharmacies have to be sure if the patient has a health condition meriting the use of the drug. Levitra is also called a PDE 5 inhibitor drug which relaxes the muscles to dilate the blood vessels, improving the blood circulation and increasing the blood flow to the penis which aids its erection. Taking this drug without professional medical advice could be dangerous as it is a drug that decreases the blood pressure. If Levitra is taken with other blood pressure-lowering medication or taken in doses more than the recommended amount, it could cause hypotension, an extreme drop in the blood pressure levels that could lead to a stroke, a heart attack or even worse, sudden death.

One pill of Levitra 20mg can cost customers around $53 to $56 USD each in local pharmacies. Its price is still cheaper compared to Viagra and Cialis that could cost up to $83 USD each. But customers know that $53 is still pretty expensive for a single pill that will only last for 5 hours at most. But even if it’s the case, customers can still get Levitra online in the form of generics. If customers are asked to pay for $53 in local stores, online pharmacies only charge $1.50 to $2.50 for each pill of generic Levitra, only 3% to 5% of its original price. The best place to get this drug online is from legitimate online stores that provide only the generics of the best quality and guarantees secure online transactions for their customers.

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Like Cialis, Levitra’s dosages come in 20mg, 10mg, and 5mg. Its dosages might be small but Levitra is a potent drug. Its generics might also be cheap but these generic drugs work just as well as the standard Levitra. Generic Levitra can be purchased at very affordable prices because its manufacturers, unlike Bayer and GSK, doesn’t have big costs riding on their products. The development and research expenses for Levitra have surely cost Bayer and GSK millions and since generic drug manufacturers only reproduce the already manufactured product, they can sell it at cheaper prices.

Bayer, Levitra’s Manufacturer

Instead of going for the branded drug, customers can instead choose to use generics since when it comes to effectivity, potency, and formulation, it is identical to the standard brand. Levitra is also a good brand to start with for people with ED looking for a brand to use. The body usually responds unpleasantly to strong drugs the first time they are taken. Most of the time, the body has to get used to the medication so that the side effects will no longer occur. In Levitra’s case, customers don’t have to worry about it since this drug has been engineered to a point of almost having no side effects. Since the affordable generics have the same formulation, users can have the peace of mind of only having the least amount side effects that they may experience.

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For customers who prefer going to the local pharmacies to buy their Levitra, Walmart is the best place to go since it offers the cheapest prices locally.

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Aside from that, customers can use free coupons to have extra discounts for their Levitra that could be added to their savings. Buying locally does have its advantages because compared to ordering online, customers no longer have to wait 2 weeks before their orders arrive. They can have it right away after they buy, saving their time from waiting.

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In buying generic Levitra at online pharmacies, customers should be careful because of the increasing number of scam sites that only look to steal from the unsuspecting customers. Some scam sites only pretend to be legitimate pharmacies in order for them to illegally obtain credit card information. To avoid these fraudulent and fake sites, customers should check our Top List of Recommended Pharmacies where their safety is guaranteed. These are the online pharmacies with the most secure transactions and the best prices. You should expect to find an average price of #2 per pill for Generic Levitra.

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Levitra is the brand name of the drug Vardenafil, a drug used for the treatment of ED. Though expensive, customers can always go online and buy its generic versions for much cheaper prices and bigger savings. These generics are just as effective as the standard brand and customers will save a lot of money for buying them. The best sites to get them online is from our list of recommended pharmacies where transactions are guaranteed safe.