Blugral Review: Fledgling Partnership between Farma Group and Papaellinas offers Unpopular Sildenafil

Blugral Review

Brand: Blugral

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: C A Papaellina, Farma Group

Country of Manufacture: Cyprus, Italy

Blugral Tablets Image

Review and Description

Blugral is drug formula which is similar to common sildenafil medications. It is used to provide care for males who are coping with their inability to attain full strength erections during sexual activity in the manner of Pfizer brand Viagra. Blugral, like Viagra, is developed in tablet form and is made available in 25 milligrams, 50 milligrams tablets and 100 milligrams tablets in film coating. All specifications of Blugral draw on the presence of Sildenafil citrate, the principal pharmacologically active agent in the medicine. This chemical agent is important for stopping smooth muscles from contracting in the penis and opening up the blood vessels to allow for more blood. This it does by keeping phosphodiesterase type 5 from breaking down cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Success in doing so means more cGMP, and more cGMP means penile smooth muscles relax and vasodilation takes place, allowing more blood to flow into spongy tissue. More blood makes for full erections.

Blugral is manufactured in Italy by Farma group SRL. Farma group SRL is a pharmaceutical company that was established in 2010 for manufacturing and wholesale or generic medications. The company is based in San Benedetto Del Tronto and two other locations in Italy. The company and C A Papaellinas of Cyprus, a pharmaceutical, natural medicine and consumer products franchise founded in 1929, have a deal in place to market generics like Blugral. C A Papaellinas which is based in Nicosia introduced its pharmacy line distribution center in 2002 and more recently built a new state-of-the-art distribution center as well as acquired 100 percent of Novartis distribution in Cyprus in 2010.

Customer Reviews

If you are one of the multitudes of generic drug customers the world over for whom it has become a matter of routine to search the web as thoroughly as possible for trustworthy customer reviews, you would be disappointed if you tried to do the same for Blugral. Reviews for Blugral are nonexistent as of now so you may have to go for generic sildenafil by more popular manufacturers. Farma group SRL has a very small operation which is why it has enlisted the services of C A Papaellinas to improve the visibility of its generics including Blugral. Blugral’s lack of reviews is as closely linked with the company’s scanty online marketing as it is to Farma group SRL having just seven years of experience. We recommend that you select a sildenafil medication from the multitude of generic sildenafil medications formulated by multinational pharmaceutical companies based in Europe instead.

Pricing and Dosage

Blugral sildenafil is produced in 25 milligrams, 50 milligrams and 100 milligrams diamond-shaped, rounded biconvex tablets coated with film. We can see the selling price for Blugral 50mg specification in the picture above.

The price for 4 tabs of Blugral 50mg is given in euros for €22

The price for 4 tabs of Blugral 50mg is given in euros for €22.00 which is the equivalent of 24.63 dollars. This is almost the same as the average price for a pill of Viagra. That would be 24.83 dollars. That is a relatively cheap price for sildenafil. The suggested dosage of Blugral is one tablet taken on a  daily basis.

How to Buy Blugral Online

Blugral sildenafil in its 25, 50 and 100 milligrams specifications are not readily available online. Like we brought to your attention earlier on, both the manufacturers and the medication itself have a scanty online marketing presence. So, it is going to take some patience on your part to find and order Blugral online. On the precious few websites where it is available, you will find Blugral 50mg listed for a price similar to the one given previously and you will find Blugral 100mg is sold for €38.00 – 42.53 US dollars.

How to Use

Blugral 25, 50 and 100mg tablets coated in film should be administered orally with cup of clean water. These tablets should not be masticated prior to swallowing in order to preserve the efficacy of the drug. They should neither be taken following a meal containing high cholesterol content, nor before drinking beverages with alcohol content and grapefruit juice. Doing any of this has a delaying effect on Blugral absorption. Don’t go beyond 100mg dose. Use Blugral for male erectile dysfunction treatment only. Store at or below 30 degrees Celsius.

Side Effects

Adverse reactions are rarely experienced. Despite this rarity, there are a few that are reported with some occurring more frequently albeit with a lesser impact than the others. These include the following: Hives, drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, rash, back pain and flushing. The side effects with a relatively greater impact include the following: Bronchial tightness and Oedema of the face and limbs. This should be addressed by a doctor once noticed during treatment.

Conclusion with Rating

Blugral is a sildenafil medication generic for Pfizer ED patent, Viagra. It is one of an increasing number of common sildenafil medicines that are conceived as replacements for Viagra to provide low-cost and quality ED treatment for males facing the challenging condition. There are no client appraisals online which comes as no surprise since it took quite an effort to find the small number of online pharmacy stores that have the product in their catalog. In the absence of reviews, we were able to get an overview of the manufacturers of the medicine. Farma group SRL, an Italy based pharmaceutical company with just seven years under its belt in the industry produce and supply this sildenafil. The distribution of Blugral 25mg, 50mg and 100mg receives a helping hand from Cyprus-based C A Papaellinas’ ultramodern distribution center. The partnership is a fledgling one that is no doubt projected to evolve. Since it is work-in-progress at the moment we can only give Blugral one from five stars. If you manage to purchase the drug, we strongly advise you to pay your doctor a visit before application.