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Levitra 20mg and 10mg

Levitra is an expensive drug. It costs $53 USD per tablet at local pharmacies but compared to Viagra and Cialis which costs $83 each, it’s still cheaper. Levitra is the brand of the drug Vardenafil and is used for the treatment of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Though this drug is only used when needed, not all people can afford a single pill that’s worth $50. Because of this, many patients end up not getting the proper medical attention they need through effective medicines because the expensive prices hinder them. But customers need not endure this any longer because even if Levitra costly, there are excellent alternatives that they could use that work just as great.

Levitra 20mg Price

These alternatives are no other than Levitra’s generics. These products are not yet offered in the local pharmacies because of the patent laws that protect the branded drugs from competition. Generic ED brands may be illegal in the local pharmacies for now because of the US patent laws, they are fully legal in most countries. After Levitra’s patent expires, only then will its generics be able to enter the US market. The generic Levitra brands are currently being sold online since it’s the only market that the patent laws cannot cover.

If the standard Levitra would cost patients $50 USD each pill, patients only have to spend very little for getting their hands on its generic version that works just as well. Generic Levitra only cost $2 per pill and can even be more affordable if a customer will purchase the drug in larger quantities.

On an average, a customer might wait for their online orders from 10 to 15 days but it’s worth the wait since the customer will save a lot. An express shipping option is also available where patients can expedite their orders for as quick as 7 days, saving them half the waiting time.

Aside from these advantages, the other benefit of purchasing Levitra online is that customers are not anymore required to present prescriptions before buying it. This is a big relief to patients especially for those without insurance and those who cannot afford to pay for a doctor’s prescription. Online pharmacies sell prescription medicines to customers with no questions asked, allowing customers to buy their medicines with no delays.

Compared to other ED brands, Levitra (Vardenafil) does have an advantage. Vardenafil is an engineered version of Sildenafil, Viagra’s active component. It has little to almost no occurrences of side effects allowing the customers to enjoy its benefits without having to worry about getting bad headaches, stomach upsets, flushing and other body pains that usually come with using an ED drug.

Generic Levitra 40mg

The standard Levitra is available at 20mg, 10mg, and 5mg doses. The strength of the dosage that customer will use depends on the seriousness of their ED. Only small doses are required for patients with mild conditions but for patients with severe cases, larger dosages are recommended for use. Generics even have a larger dose of Vardenafil which is available at 40mg but using a dose this strong should always be under professional medical advice since taking large doses of this drug can have serious repercussions.

Vilitra 40mg (Levitra Generic)

Before using Levitra, it is still important for a patient to consult a doctor to have a full medical diagnosis and for the doctor to recommend an effective method of treatment. Taking Levitra more than the allowed dose of once a day or more than the recommended dosage may cause hypotension, a sudden drop in the blood pressure levels that may cause a stroke, a heart attack or in the worst cases, death. For patients who are just starting with this medication, it would be wise to start with the small dosages first so that they could gauge its effects and from there, they will know if there’s still a need to increase the dosage strength or if their current dose works perfectly for their condition.

Cheap Levitra 20mg from India

Most of the generic ED brands today are manufactured from India, not only Levitra but also other ED brands like Viagra and Cialis. India is also known as home to many international pharmacies because of their excellent raw materials for medicine production. Indian pharmaceutical companies are also known to have world-class facilities for drug manufacturing, making their products safe and of great quality.

Generic Levitra 20 mg Price

Generic Levitra from India may be affordable but customers can be sure that these drugs are made by global pharmaceutical companies that follow strict international standards for drug manufacturing. Most people may think that because generics are cheap, they are inferior to the branded ones but this is actually a misconception. FDA requires the generic drugs to have the same potency, effectiveness, and formulation as their equivalent brand, making their quality on par with the expensive brands. So for the customers to save money, they should go for the generic Levitra which is just the same as the branded one.

Levitra for Sale Online

Because of the growing number of scam websites that pose as online pharmacies, customers are advised to be more careful when buying their medicines online. These scam sites only pose as drugstores to steal credit card info and to avoid them, customers should check our Top List of Recommended pharmacies where the stores are guaranteed legitimate. These stores on the list are also the best when it comes to prices and offers only medicines of excellent quality.


Levitra is a drug that is used for treating erectile dysfunction and though it’s expensive, online pharmacies offer generic versions of the drug which are much affordable but works just as good. Customers should consult their doctors prior to using this drug to avoid any adverse results that come with its wrong use. These generic brands are from India where quality and safe generic ED brands are coming from. For safe online shopping of medicines, please check our recommended list of pharmacies.