Buy Finasteride Online: The Solution to Hair Loss and BPH

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Finasteride is an orally administered drug that is used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, or enlargement of the prostate) and scalp hair loss. Merck is the manufacturer of this drug and marketed it under the name of Proscar and Propecia. Finasteride works by preventing the conversion of the male hormone testosterone to another hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It blocks the testosterone conversion process by inhibiting an enzyme in the body known as 5-alpha reductase. The work that Finasteride does is vital since DHT is responsible for the enlargement of the prostate and hair loss. This drug can also be used by women for treating excessive hair growth and it is also used as a hormone therapy for transgender women.

Unless advised by a doctor, Finasteride should not be taken by women since this drug interferes with pregnancy and may even cause birth defects. This drug should also be kept away from children as the drug may cause serious health risks.

Proscar and Propecia (Finasteride) are both prescription drugs and can only be bought by patients with valid prescriptions from their physicians. The only available doses of this drug are 5mg and 1mg. The drug with the 5mg dose of Finasteride is Proscar and is used for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Finasteride helps in decreasing the size of the prostate, reducing the pressure in the urethra and allowing men to urinate with ease. Finasteride also helps in relieving all the other symptoms of BPH such as bladder problems, urinary tract infection (UTI) and kidney infections.

Propecia, on the other hand, has the smaller dose of Finasteride which is only 1mg. Though just a minute dose, Propecia help a lot by reversing the effects of hair loss. The conversion of testosterone to DHT is one of the causes of balding. Dihydrotestosterone causes the hair follicles to shrink causing androgenic alopecia or also known as male pattern baldness. By taking Finasteride, testosterone stays as it is and the growth of hair continues.

Propecia 1mg

As effective as Finasteride may be, it should only be taken upon the advice of a doctor. Patients should discuss their medical history with their physician to avoid any adverse effects that may be resulted by taking this drug. Men who are not allowed to take Finasteride are the ones with allergic reactions to Finasteride, prostate cancer, liver disease and bladder disorders. Taking this drug also has a list of side effects which are impotence (erectile dysfunction), swelling in the hands and feet, abnormal ejaculation, loss of interest in sex, headache, dizziness, skin rash and weakness. Serious side effects of the drug which needs immediate medical attention are facial and oral swelling (tongue, throat, lips), breast lumps and pains, depression and nipple discharges. Since this drug also increases the risk of getting prostate cancer, patients should first consult their doctors so that they may safely take the drug with the help of professional medical advice.

This drug is always available at local pharmacies and customers only need prescriptions prior to purchasing them. But since this drug comes at a price locally, customers can instead go online and buy the drug where its generics are available. These generics are FDA-approved and has the same quality as the main brands but the customers don’t have to spend as much compared to buying them online.

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Walmart is known to be the leading store where the cheapest prices for products can be found. Customers can also choose whether what they will purchase are generics or if they want to buy the Finasteride brands. Though Walmart sells the best prices, the cheapest Proscar can be bought at Costco for only $164.65 USD, $3 cheaper than Walmart which sells the medicine for $167.06.

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The prices above are for 30 pills of Proscar 5mg. If Walmart’s price was per pill, it would be $5.56 each. But when it comes to the prices of generic Proscar 5mg, Walmart leads the list of pharmacies who sell at cheap prices. The generic Finasteride 5mg only costs $4 for 30 tablets, only 2.5% of its original price. Since generics are much affordable and there’s no difference between its results and the branded Proscar, it is a better choice. Customers can also rely on the quality of the generic Finasteride since these generics also have the approval of FDA meaning their quality is on par with the standard Proscar.

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Propecia is one of the top-rated medications for the treatment of hair loss. Though only containing 1mg of Finasteride, its price is not very far from Proscar 5mg as its 30 pills will cost customers $110 to $117 USD. But instead of going for the branded Propecia, customers can buy its generic for a much cheaper price. Online prices of the generic Propecia 1mg only range from $30 to $40 for 30 pills.

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Prices at online pharmacies become cheaper as the number of pills purchased by the customer increases.

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Because of the increasing number of fake online pharmacies and scam sites, customers should be very careful in choosing a place to buy Finasteride from. To be sure of avoiding fraudulent websites that only steal credit card information, check our top list of recommended pharmacies where sites are guaranteed legitimate and proven safe.


Finasteride is a prescription drug that is used for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and scalp hair loss in men. It has two brands which are Propecia 1mg, the smaller dose and Proscar 5mg, the larger dose. These drugs can be bought at Walmart and other major pharmacies where their generic versions are also available. To purchase these drugs online where it’s cheaper, customers can go to our top recommended pharmacies.