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Cipla is an Indian pharmaceutical company that is known for producing medicines for diabetes, depression, weight loss, cardiovascular diseases, and erectile dysfunction. Cipla’s ED medicine is called Tadacip, a drug that belongs to a group of generic Cialis medicines. Founded in 1935, Cipla is one of the most popular medical brands in India and their ED drug, Tadacip is one of the most popular generic Cialis on the market today.

With 34 manufacturing facilities across 8 cities in India, Cipla is one, if not the largest pharmaceutical company in the country. To date, Cipla has a market presence in at least 100 countries. Cipla is currently the employer of more than 22,000 people in India and they are known for being one of the best employers for giving chances to women and PWD to have work and earn their own money.

Cipla India

A Mumbai-based company, Cipla is a registered biotechnology and pharmaceutical company in India. It has a market value of $8.1B and is one of the most popular medical brands in the country. The original name of Cipla was The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories but it was later changed to Cipla in 1984. Cipla started operating in 1935 and one of their most popular products was their antiretroviral treatment (HIV treatment drug) that costs less than what the other companies offer. They are also known for producing Lamivudine, Escitalopram, and Fluticasone propionate.

Cipla has no online pharmacy yet but they have market visibility in over 100 countries worldwide including the US. Cipla is the first Indian pharmaceutical company to have a US Food and Drug Administration approved medicine. Cipla USA was also born in 1984.

Cipla USA

Cipla has expanded its market base in 1984, resulting in the establishment of Cipla USA. Cipla USA has its main office in Miami Florida. Cipla Limited is the first Indian pharmaceutical company to have a base in the US and the first Indian drug house to receive approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. With a presence in more than 100 countries and an office in the US, Cipla has joined the bandwagon of Bayer, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, among others as a global pharmaceutical company.

To date, Cipla has proudly earned the approval of different medical regulatory groups such as WHO, MHRA-UK, Healthcare Canada, ANVISA, PMDA of Brazil, and MCC of South Africa. This only proves the world-class quality of Cipla produced medicines. If you are going to purchase a Cipla product online, make sure to check if the store you are dealing with sells genuine Cipla medicines. For a safe online buying experience, check our list of recommended online pharmacies.

Cipla Products

Cipla is known for a lot of products with more than 100 tablets and syrups under their brand. In 1960, Cipla started manufacturing generic medicines. They don’t just manufacture, they also sell active pharmaceutical ingredients to other pharmaceutical companies. Cipla also manufactured personal care products. Their popular products include Fluticasone Propionate and Lamivudine.

Of their manufactured generic products, one product they produced that you can easily find online is Tadacip, an erectile dysfunction medicine. Although there is no specific Cipla online pharmacy yet, most e-stores offer Tadacip making it one of the most widely available ED medicine worldwide.

Tadacip by Cipla

Tadacip contains Tadalafil, a muscle relaxant. It is a drug that helps the penile muscle to stay relaxed when sexually stimulated. When relaxed, it can have a good blood flow during sexual stimulation, resulting in a better and firmer erection.

Tadacip by Cipla online pharmacy works as a muscle relaxant. It also has a PDE-5 inhibitor effect that helps the penile muscle to obtain an erect and firmer erection. Most ED drugs are taken orally and Tadacip is not different. This ED medicine can be taken as a regular drug or a need-only medicine.

Depending on the severity of the condition that you have, you can take Cipla’s Tadacip tablet regularly or only when needed. Follow your doctor’s prescription. Do not take a different dosage other than what is given to you.

Tadacip shouldn’t be used by people who are currently taking any type of nitrate drugs. This medicine shouldn’t be taken by elderlies unless advised by their doctor. Tadacip is available in different dosages, follow your doctor’s prescription and do not take more than what you are supposed to have.


With hundreds of medicines under the Cipla brand, their ED medicine, Tadacip is one of the most popular. Since the online market is busy in marketing different ED drugs, it is no wonder that Tadacip is one of the top choices when it comes to generic ED medicine.

Cipla Portfolio

Remember that Tadacip from Cipla online pharmacy doesn’t cure erectile dysfunction nor increase a man’s sexual desire. What it does is help the penile muscle to relax and obtain regular blood flow that can result in a better erection. This is provided that there is sexual stimulation present.

The common side effects of Tadacip are headaches, having indigestion, muscle aches, having a runny or stuffy nose, and flushing. Some users of Tadalafil-based medicines had reported experiencing muscle pain and body that last for 24 hours. These side effects disappear on its own and don’t require medication.

Aside from its common side effects, other uncommon side effects of Tadacip include priapism or prolonged and painful erection, loss of vision and hearing capabilities, a sudden increase in heart rate, a sudden occurrence of high blood pressure, and having symptoms of stroke. In case you experience any of these side effects or you have persisting side effects, talk to your physician immediately.

The regular price of Tadacip from Cipla online pharmacy is $2.49 per tablet. There are online pharmacies that offer it for less than $2 provided that you will purchase at least 30 tablets.