Eriacta Reviews: Good ED Medication

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Therapeutically equivalent Sildenafil preparations like Eriacta have seen an increase in popularity due to their proven ability to remediate Erectile Dysfunction and impotence in men like Pfizer’s Sildenafil known as Viagra. This is largely due to the fact that they are highly affordable in comparison with Viagra. Another reason is that ED sufferers globally could attest to the fact that a sizable portion of the generics flooding the market, mostly from India, was as effective as the prescription-only original Sildenafil.

In addition to that, the popularity of generic Sildenafil drugs was aided by the growth of the online pharmacy vendor system, which allowed customers to purchase the medications conveniently over the counter on the web. Having said that, these two developments also attracted fraudulent vendors who distributed sub-standard quality ED drugs – an unfortunate occurrence that has seen unsuspecting generic Sildenafil buyers order a drug online only to find out that the medicine is a fake.

Several such occurrences have led subsequent buyers of generic Sildenafil like Eriacta to conduct thorough research before placing and confirming their orders so as to avoid getting ripped off or poisoned by Internet fraudsters. A lot of tools have been introduced to the Internet to help check the spread of such fraud in the online, over the counter marketplace. One of them is familiar but effective: customer feedback or testimonials that are submitted by real buyers. Eriacta is one drug for which prospective customers can benefit from reviews.

Eriacta Testimonials

So, prospective Eriacta generic sildenafil users after learning about the medication, the manufacturer, and the mechanism of action typically look for the medication in the showrooms of reputable online pharmacy vendors. When they find such a showroom, they eventually find their way to the “Testimonials” section, which usually features comments from previous buyers. Most vendor websites feature mostly positive reviews, which is sometimes the aim of the testimonials – to attract customers to the drug and the vendor. It would be better to look for independently written reviews like those we found for Eriacta and have attached in the screenshot below.


 Eriacta Customer Experience

One Eriacta buyer named Phillip, who wrote his review in February 2018, gave the medication five out of five stars. In his own experience, he observed that the one hundred milligrams tablets became effective about thirty-five minutes after consumption. He also found that he did not need more than 25 milligrams writing: “I use a quarter and it’s enough. No side effects or headaches”. The first experience convinced him to order again. He similarly satisfies with the vendor’s service and bonus offer.

Another reviewer named Kevin wrote his review late in December the previous year. He also gave Eriacta one hundred milligrams tablets a five-star review. Kevin reckoned that the medication is of great value considering the affordable price. A single tablet costs less than $2. He takes the medication on an empty stomach and has observed that the drug starts working about 45 minutes after ingestion. The only side effect he experienced was facial flushing, which he described as a “blush tint” and a normal side effect.

Eriacta 100 mg Generic Viagra Review

Leading global pharmaceutical enterprise, Pfizer Incorporated, headquartered in New York City, registered the patent for Sildenafil Citrate twenty-two years ago. It was in 1998, however, that the United States Food And Drug Administration gave its seal of approval for the oral use of Viagra in Erectile Dysfunction and impotence – the first of its kind. The drug was formulated in blue, diamond-shaped, film-coated tablets of one hundred milligrams, fifty milligrams, and twenty-five milligrams strength containing Sildenafil Citrate as the chief pharmacologically active ingredient. Eriacta 100 tablets are identical to Viagra and packed in blister sachets of four tablets.

This vital ingredient is conveyed to the penis’ corpus cavernosum where it gets to work right away by staving off further degradation of cyclic guanosine monophosphate by the enzyme called phosphodiesterase type-5, which is abundant in the walls of the region. The level of concentration of Cyclic GMP increases, which is critical for relieving smooth muscle contraction and thereafter broadening the regional blood vessels. Broadening the blood vessels expands their capability of transporting blood in greater quantities through the penis. Consequently, future penile erections are full and last longer.

Based in Gurgaon, Haryana, Ranbaxy Laboratories is the generic pharmaceutical company that produces the generic Sildenafil alternative called Eriacta. This manufacturer and this medication are further proof of the immense foothold that the Indian generic industry has managed. Ranbir Singh and Gurbax Singh created this business and registered it in 1961. As the years went by the company came under the control of their cousin Bhai Moghan Singh, and his son. Under their guidance, the next thirty years saw a lot of success in locally in India, which it eventually used to enter into foreign markets – most notably the United States.


Eriacta 100 tablets are identical to Viagra. They are blue, diamond-shaped, film-coated tablets of twenty-five milligrams, one hundred milligrams, and fifty milligrams strength packed in blister sachets of four tablets. Each Eriacta 100 tablet contains 100 milligrams

Sildenafil Citrate as the chief pharmacologically active ingredient, which is critical for relaxing penile smooth muscles and widening the regional blood vessels in order to strengthen erections. Ranbaxy Laboratories is the generic pharmaceutical company that produces Eriacta in Haryana in New Delhi, India.

There are a lot of reviews for Eriacta 100 milligrams tablet online. You will come across mostly positive reviews for the drug both on pharmacy vendor websites and on independent websites. Online pharmacy vendor websites are where you can get Eriacta 100 milligrams Sildenafil to buy. You should see a doctor even though you may not be required to present a doctor’s prescription before purchase. This will help prevent avoidable side effects. You can select a reputable pharmacy from our TOP list of recommended online pharmacies.