Finasteride Over the Counter – Purchasing Propecia without a Prescription

Propecia Scored Tablets

Hair loss, for men, is often embarrassing, hence making the purchase of products related to hair loss treatment uncomfortable at most times. Because of this, men suffering from hair loss are often seeking ways to get their Propecia (the leading brand hair loss treatment) stocks without prescriptions.

Although Propecia is easily obtainable at local pharmacies that dispense the drug whenever a proper prescription is available, customers are still curious about getting their Propecia or Finasteride products without Rx. This is maybe because buyers are seeking ways to maximize savings (since prescriptions equate to expensive doctor visits) or also maybe because of the embarrassment entailed by the doctor visits for the hair loss treatment.

Do you Need a Prescription for Finasteride?

Many men ask if prescriptions are needed for Finasteride products. Sadly, yes, Finasteride products like Propecia 1 mg for hair loss and Proscar 5 mg for prostate enlargement (plus their generic counterparts) are still prescription-only. Men are advised to obtain their Finasteride stocks only with the provision of a legal Rx for the product, and it is because of the following considerations:


One of the reasons why Finasteride products like Propecia are prescription-only is because the drug has several medical considerations. Not all patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia or androgenetic alopecia can take the drug Finasteride. Here are some of the things patients should keep in mind while planning Finasteride intake:

  • Finasteride is only meant for adult male use. Women and children should not use the drug; the drug can do harm to the unborn fetus in a mother’s womb.
  • Patients with allergies to Finasteride or Dutasteride should not use the product.
  • According to the drug information for Finasteride, the drug can increase a male’s risk for prostate cancer.
  • Patients with the following disease should not take Finasteride products like Propecia: prostate cancer, liver disease, bladder disorder, inability to urinate, stricture of urethra

Side Effects

Patients given prescription products are educated thoroughly by their doctors about the possible side effects of the medication, so men planning to take Finasteride should obtain the drug via legal prescriptions. Here are some of the common side effects observed in patients taking Finasteride:

  • Impotence or erectile dysfunction
  • Diminished sexual drive
  • Abnormal ejaculation
  • Swelling of hands and feet
  • Changes in the breast like swelling, pain, or tenderness
  • Headache

Men using Finasteride products should be well-educated about the side effects of the drug, hence the need for a proper prescription for Propecia or any Finasteride product.

Can I Buy Finasteride 5mg Online Without a Prescription?

Although local drugstores are austere when it comes to dispensing medicines without a prescription, especially Rx-only medicines, in some cases, online pharmacies are more lenient in this regard. However, online pharmacies do not just dispense prescription products without Rx. Here are some of the strategies online pharmacies are using when it comes to Rx products:

  • Medical forms – Some web drugstores are able to dispense Rx products like Finasteride without a prescription, but with still require buyers to submit a medical form. Customers are required to wait out the result of their online medical evaluation before they are dispensed with the needed drug.
  • Phone consultation – Other online pharmacies require their customers to undergo an oral consult via phone instead of the medical form.
  • Video consultation – Although rare, there are other online pharmacies offering Finasteride without prescriptions using a video conference. This is somewhat closer to the actual face to face doctor consultation, but can cost more—some online drugstores charge for the video doctor calls whilst most online pharmacies charge nothing for the medical evaluation forms.

Although online pharmacies are somewhat offering prescription-less purchase of Finasteride, men should still seek face-to-face consultations since local doctors can provide medical advice which cannot be provided by medical forms or remote consults.

Patients, though, can maximize the prescription-free Finasteride dispensing of other online pharmacies whenever they run out of their Finasteride product and are in need of fresh stocks of the drug. New patients or men who have not yet consulted with a local doctor regarding their medical condition, though, should think twice before purchasing Finasteride without a prescription, especially that Finasteride is correlated to several deleterious side effects.

Proscar and Propecia Cost versus Finasteride 5mg Price in India

How cheap are the generic counterparts for Propecia? Here are some of the price information for brand Finasteride products versus the generic Finasteride treatments:

Propecia Price at Local US Drugstores

According to the present price information for the drug Propecia, the United States local pharmacies like Walmart, Kroger Pharmacy, Walgreens, and CVS Pharmacy have the drug priced at $9.24 to $9.59 per two tablets (1 mg).

Proscar Price at Local US Pharmacies

Proscar, another brand Finasteride product from the company Merck Sharp & Dohme, on the other hand, retails at $7.50 to $7.72 per tablet at the same US-based drugstores. Online prices for Finasteride, compared to Propecia and Proscar prices are naturally cheaper:

Propecia 5 mg (Generic Finasteride) Online Price

According to the online price posted at one online pharmacy, generic Finasteride 5 mg is only set at $0.60 to $1.33 per pill. The price for the 1 mg Finasteride product, though is cheaper:

Generic Finasteride 1 mg Price

According to the same online pharmacy, Finasteride price is set at $0.50 to $0.60 per pill. The initial purchase required for customers is only $36.24 for 60 pills of the product.


Finasteride over the counter purchases at local drugstores are prohibited, but online drugstores are more lenient and permit customers to purchase Finasteride even without prescriptions. Even if this is the case, men should seek valid prescriptions for Finasteride from their local doctors.

It is generally safe for buyers to purchase Finasteride products online, as long as they have the proper prescriptions for the product. Another factor that contributes to safety is the actual online pharmacy that buyers will source from—buyers should scout for good online stores with reliable service marked by their years of selling history. Stores like these are found on our list of Top Online Drugstores.