How to Take Fildena

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Fildena is a drug that has the ability to help you overcome erectile dysfunction fast and efficiently. Though Fortune Healthcare has ensured that the drug is highly effective through the use of Sildenafil Citrate as the main ingredient, you have to follow the directions given by your doctor to reap from these documented benefits.

The medical professional will seek to know your sexual history, your current health condition, and will also want to know if there are other drugs you could be using to treat other conditions. Through this information, your doctor will be able to determine if your problem is psychological, medical, or any other cause. If after examination the doctor discovers that there is indeed a need to administer Fildena, he will recommend the right dose in regards to your health status.

Fildena pills should be taken orally before sexual intercourse, preferably sixty minutes before this time with enough water. The drug will work better if you take it before taking any food as this will make it work faster. Taking a heavy meal, especially one that is rich in fats will slow down the metabolism of Fildena and will, therefore, lead to delay in its working.

Alcohol and grapefruits should also be exempted from your meals if you intend to use Fildena as they are known to inhibit the working of the drug.

Take only one dose of Fildena in a day and do not repeat the dose before the expiry of 24 hours. If you feel that the dose given has not had any impact on your penis, open up to the doctor and he will direct you on the best course of action.

How Long Does Fildena Last?

Fildena will last for a period of four hours from the time you swallowed the pill. Within this time, you will be able to get and maintain a hard erection that will allow you to have sexual intercourse.

To some men, the drug may last for a longer period or a shorter one depending on a number of factors which include:

  • Age: A younger man will have Fildena excreted from the body much faster and will, therefore, experience a shorter duration than an older man of over 65 years whose metabolism is slow. For such an older man, the drug will take long to be excreted to due to the slow metabolic rate and the drug will stay in the bloodstream much longer.
  • Dose takes: A man who has taken a 100mg dose will take longer to completely excrete Fildena from the body and will, therefore, feel the effect much longer. For a person who took 25mg, excretion will be much faster since the concentration was not as high as with that person who took a high dose.
  • Health status: If some of the vital body organs like the liver and kidney are not fully functional, you may experience a delay in the excretion of Fildena which will make the effect last much longer.
  • Some drugs used in treating other health conditions may also contribute to fast or slow excretion of Fildena and this will also determine how long the drug will last in the bloodstream.

Some of these delays are not always healthy and that is why the doctor will recommend a lower dose especially for older men and those with health complications. A delay in excretion will also mean that the side effects resulting from the use of Fildena will also be felt for a longer period.

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When to Take Fildena

Consumption of Fildena is not always advisable as there are some instances when the condition may be too complicated to allow its use. You can only take Fildena:

  • If you suffer from the inability to hold an erection: Fildena is not a stimulant and will never make you desire sex more. You should not, therefore, use it if you can erect without help.
  • If you are in the right state of health: If your doctor has certified that there are no medical reasons like a weakened heart that could restrict you from taking it, then you can take Fildena.
  • If you do not intend to have sex: A Fildena pill should only be taken by a person who has plans to have sex one hour after consumption. If you do not intend to get into sexual intercourse, then, do not take it.
  • If you are not using any other erectile dysfunction medicine: Fildena cannot be mixed with other ED drugs thinking it will work better. If for instance, you are using Viagra, you should not use Fildena.
  • If you are a man over eighteen years: Fildena is not supposed to be used by men below eighteen years or women. The safety of Fildena in children is not certified and it should, therefore, be avoided.

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Online pharmacies have a simplified process of buying Fildena from them. They also give amazing discounts to customers including free shipping of the drugs to a destination of your choice.

You need to be alert so that you buy from verified sites only where there is a guarantee of buying original drugs. Such sites have their contact and physical location well displayed and they do not sell any illegal products.

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Fildena should be taken according to the directions of a professional if you wish to benefit from using it. You will not take Fildena while dead drunk and still expect to see results. If you really need to overcome erectile dysfunction, you must give up on such pleasures or they will cost you your relationship due to the inability to perform sexually. Be cautious when buying online to avoid being scammed by those selling fake drugs. To help you identify a reliable source, we have provided a list of top online pharmacies where you can get original drugs at great prices.