Propecia vs Finasteride – Is There a Difference Between These Drugs?

Propecia Tablets

When we speak about Finasteride, we actually pertain to two drugs from one massive company (MSD), Proscar and Propecia. Both contain the active ingredient Finasteride but in varying amounts needed to elicit a therapeutic effect in patients. Proscar is for the mitigation of benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms (and is available in 5 mg tablets), while the drug Propecia is for encouraging hair growth in men suffering from androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness (this drug is available in 1 mg tablets).

Propecia vs Finasteride Side Effects

Regarding the action and effectiveness, Propecia and Finasteride are similar despite their difference in brand name status. The 1 mg Finasteride found in Propecia is identical to the 1 mg found in generic Finasteride products, since both drugs contain the active ingredient Finasteride.

Because of the similar active content, patients can expect the same benefits and disadvantages from the product. Both Propecia and its generic counterparts are able to improve hair growth in patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia, with the effects showing in about 3 to 6 months of continuous intake.

As for side effects, though, both Propecia and generic Finasteride drugs are quite notorious for the following symptoms:

  • Erectile dysfunction or impotence
  • Trouble climaxing
  • Diminished libido or sexual drive
  • Breast changes (swelling, pain)
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Runny nose

These are some of the common side effects brought by chronic Finasteride use in patients. Should any of these side effects surface in patients, men should consult their doctors. Men may be advised to stop taking the drug and in case of impotence, the men may be recommended to take erectile dysfunction treatments along with their Finasteride intake.

Because of the possible side effects, men need to check with their doctors first before using either Propecia or Finasteride. Some patients may at greater risk for side effects depending on their present medical condition or their medications, hence making consultations prior to Finasteride use a priority.

Propecia Cost VS Generic Finasteride Prices

How much are buyers going to save whenever choosing Finasteride purchases online? Here are the current prices for brand Finasteride products and their generic counterparts online:

Propecia 1mg Price at US Pharmacies

According to the price information on one reliable website, the price for Propecia (the leading brand treatment for androgenetic alopecia) 1 mg is at least $9.24 for 2 tablets of the product. These prices, though, are only for US-based drugstores like Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Kroger Pharmacy, and several others.

Finpecia 1mg Price (Generic Finasteride) Online

On the other hand, the generic counterpart for Propecia, Finpecia, retails only at $0.25 to $0.20 per pill. The initial purchase of the product is at $7.60 for a bunch of 30 tablets—considerably cheaper than the brand Propecia price at US drugstores.

Switching from Propecia to Finasteride

Whilst the sale of Finasteride is already extensive at local drugstores, the online market for Finasteride is also continuously growing. Because generic options for Finasteride are rather limited at local pharmacies (possibly in favor of the brand name treatments), buyers are considering the purchase of Finasteride online.

Buyers can turn to Finasteride at online pharmacies, although there are some things buyers need to keep in mind whenever deciding to purchase Finasteride for their prostate or hair online:

  • Finasteride is a prescription-only drug – Purchasing generics online is no excuse for buyers to skip getting prescriptions for their Finasteride product. Even when purchasing online, men should get checked first and keep their prescriptions close at hand and ready to present to the online stores they are planning to purchase Finasteride from.
  • Look for stores asking for legal prescriptions – Although it is tempting to purchase Finasteride at online stores skipping prescriptions, buyers need to purchase the drug at web pharmacies asking for actual prescriptions or are at least offering some form of medical assessment with a pharmacist or a doctor before dispensing Finasteride.
  • Check the shop’s credibility – Before purchasing Finasteride online, do your research. Browse through reviews, mentions, complaints (if any), and other references to the store you’re planning to purchase from. If reviews are unavailable, check the store’s claims of affiliation to organizations, or at least use third-party platforms to analyze the website in question.
  • Use curated website lists – Besides checking out the shops manually, you can also resort to curated website lists like our TOP Online Vendors list or preformed lists of reliable online drugstores with genuine Finasteride products.

It is easy to buy Finasteride online, given the choices available for consumers. However, men should be aware of the good stores and the bad, and should also seek their doctor’s advice before trying out any Finasteride drug for their hair loss or their prostate enlargement symptoms. Overall, it is safe to buy Finasteride online, as long as you are legally prescribed with Finasteride and as long as you choose legitimate and reliable online pharmacies, like the ones described on our TOP Vendors list.


Since both brand and generic options for Finasteride treatment are available (yes, Propecia from MSD is also available at online pharmacies), buyers have the choice to purchase either the generic or brand name drug. Ultimately, the decision to prefer generics over the brand name drugs (or vice versa), rests upon the patient’s discretion and his compliance with his doctor’s orders. Regardless of the choice between Propecia and generic options, men should seek their doctor’s approval for the meds first before purchasing any of the products online.