Take An Impotence Pill Today To Stop ED

This modern day has several men reaching their golden years, and with growing age, they are more likely to become impotent. Sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction is known as the inability of a male to get a proper erection that can last the duration of sexual intercourse. Impotence also denotes a feeling of helplessness, which is exactly how some men feel, especially men who are still below their forties and sexually active if they find out that they can’t get as hard as they used to. Luckily, knowledge and medical research on how to combat these problems have also moved forward, and now we have several impotence pills that can help men regain their confidence.

The first impotence or ED pill that became available to the masses was Viagra, which immediately had a profound effect on the way that people viewed sexual impotence. Many men suffering from this condition at the time had resigned themselves to defeat, or perhaps surgery or other invasive methods of treatment. When ED pills became a common commodity, many men became more willing to talk to their GP since they needed a prescription for these pills. After Viagra made its debut, other ED pills like Cialis and Levitra came a few years later, widening the scope of choice that consumers had for their preferred product.

Male Enhancement Products Abound for Anyone willing to Try Them

Aside from the regular prescription medications for impotence, there has also been a spike of products such as male enhancement pills and nutritional or dietary supplements that purport to improve a man’s sexual abilities. They can help men gain more power and stamina, increase testosterone levels, and even make your size larger. These kinds of products are popular as well because they are often labeled as over the counter products. However, given that these products are not specifically indicated for treating ED, they only serve as boosts to libido and performance. A consultation with your doctor should still be had to know the possible effects of these pills, as it can be quite easy to overdose on OTC products.

Generic ED Drugs

All medications have their brand forms and their generic forms, and that applies to ED pills as well. Before Viagra became what it is now, it was tested in labs as Sildenafil, its main ingredient, and generic form. Researchers were attempting to find ways to treat heart conditions using Sildenafil, but instead, they accidentally discovered through their participants’ testimonies that the pill could help in inducing erections easier. Thus, Pfizer patented Sildenafil under the name Viagra and the sales soon followed.

Generics Prove Just as Effective as the Original Drugs

Generic drugs are, contrary to popular belief, not inferior to their brand counterparts. Sildenafil and Viagra are one and the same, the latter just has a fancy name under a big-time company, which is why they can get away with charging so much for it. Levitra and Cialis also have their generic forms, which are Vardenafil and Tadalafil respectively. These three pills are able to cure ED by improving ones blood flow and helping blood reach the penis faster and easier during sexual stimulation. Many countries like India and Israel are producing safe and effective generics to the usual ED pills, so much so that prices have dropped hard in places where they can be bought.

ED Pills Online

Impotence pills have an infamous reputation for being pricey, and even though they are quite effective, many men aren’t able to afford to buy these pills whenever they like. Since you can’t rely on health insurance agencies to help you out with buying a bottle of Viagra pills every month, males have begun looking for effective alternatives, and they found the generics. Because generics can be manufactured by any company that patents them, these drugs are much more affordable.

Check the Prices and Compare them Between Pharmacies

For example, take the prices for generic Viagra seen above. Usually, you will need to prepare at least $25 if you want to buy a single pill of Viagra in a drugstore. But if you’re buying the generics, you cut $20 off the original price. What’s more buying ED pills online offers the unique advantage of having a high supply online. You can also get your medications delivered straight to your doorstep. There are a lot of advantageous offers and deals for loyal online buyers, such as free pills if you purchase a certain number of medications or huge discounts. You can find reliable pharmacies online using our recommendations list here.


Finding out that you are impotent or slowly becoming unable to perform like you used to can be a daunting experience for many men who are in relationships or who are still sexually active. However, with impotence pills, men have the chance to just swallow their preferred tablet, wait an hour, and soon they’ll at it in the bedroom like never before. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are by far the most popular ED or impotence pills out today, but because of their price, some men get discouraged from purchasing these medications even when they need them. However, there are generic forms of these drugs that are way cheaper in comparison, and there are also some OTC male enhancement products and supplements that can be used to give yourself a boost.

ED pills are prescription medications. There are still males who can’t bring themselves to consult their GP about ED or impotence because of their apprehension or embarrassment. However, visiting your doctor is a necessary step, both to getting the valid prescription for the pills as well as learning the positives and negatives of taking ED pills. There are health conditions and other prescription drugs that prove incompatible with ED meds and can cause adverse reactions, so it is best to find out about these the easy way rather than the hard way. You can find reliable pharmacies online using our recommendations list.