Viprogra: The Perfect Affordable Solution to All ED Problems

When Pfizer lost their patent in 2013 for sildenafil citrate, this was great news for men. Males worldwide had been struggling to raise the money that they needed in order to buy the far more expensive Viagra from Pfizer. After Pfizer had lost the patent, pharmaceutical companies from all over the globe took the opportunity and started producing sildenafil citrate. With a huge competition in the market, the price of sildenafil citrate had to go down and hence making it possible for men to acquire this drug.

Vipro lifescience, a major pharmaceutical company located in India is among the major pharmaceutical companies that have taken part in helping relieve the heavy price burden that had been placed on men when only Pfizer was producing Viagra. This company produces their own brand of sildenafil citrate which is known as Viprogra. This generic version of Viagra has the same functionalities as the brand drug. Men who search for Viprogra online are usually looking for a place to acquire this drug without having to part with too much of their money. So, Where can you purchase Viprogra without you having to dig too deep into your pocket?

Viprogra 100 For Sale

Whenever you think of purchasing a generic drug, the first choice that should come to your mind is an online drugstore. Online pharmacies are known to offer the best prices as compared to the drug stores that you find locally. The brand Viagra will cost you not less than seventy dollars when you buy it from a local seller. But, when you purchase Viprogra from an online store, the following are the prices that you will need to pay:

Viprogra Price

The above prices indicate that the drug’s cost is reducing depending on the number of pills you purchase. When you buy 30 pills, you will have to pay $3.33 for each pill. But, if you purchase 500 pills, you will only pay $0.99 per pill. As compared to the price at which you buy your brand Viagra from a store like CVS, the above prices are very suitable.

One thing that you will need to take note of before you can proceed to order your Viprogra from the first online drugstore that you find is that the majority of drug stores present online are fake. Fake drug stores are known to deliver fake drugs which end up deteriorating patient’s health even more. What you need to do in order to make sure that scammers will not have a chance to play with your health is to order your drugs from the pharmacies that we recommend to you.

Viprogra vs Viagra

Before making a decision, men usually wish to know whether there is any difference between the brand drug from Pfizer and generic drugs like Viprogra. Both Viprogra and Viagra contain the same active ingredient which is sildenafil citrate. For both of these drugs, the sildenafil citrate in them will function in the same way.


Once you ingest either Viprogra or Viagra, the drug will function by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE5. Once successfully inhibited, the Enzyme will stop degrading a hormone known as cGMP which is responsible for widening your blood vessels in order to let the blood flow more easily. The reason as to why some men will lack the ability to gain and keep a solid erection is because they lack enough blood in their penile muscle tissues. Once the PDE5 enzyme is inhibited completely, blood flows easily and hence the penile muscles are supplied with enough blood when stimulation occurs. This allows men to gain and keep an erection throughout a sex session.

The dosage at which you should take either Viprogra or Viagra is the same. You are supposed to start with a 50 mg dosage of either of these drugs. The dosage should always be taken once in a day about 1 hour before the time you intend to have sex. For the drugs to function faster, take them before you eat anything.

Viprogra Side Effects

When you take Viprogra by following the recommended dosage, you will be fine. There are no major side effects that are known to affect those who use the drug as it should be used. The mild side effects that affect them include a mild headache, stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and flushing.

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If you happen to use Viprogra at the dosage at which it is not recommended, you are likely to end up with numerous side effects. The side effects arising from overdosing are very serious. These include priapism. If not taken care of as soon as possible, priapism can damage your whole sex life. Priapism is characterized by an erection that does not go away. Other side effects arising from overdosing include sudden deafness and sudden blindness. In case you notice any side effect that is bothering you, see a doctor immediately.


Viprogra is a drug that has been used by millions of men who have been suffering from erectile dysfunction. These men have already reported that the drug is powerful enough such that it allowed them to enjoy their sex lives. If you do purchase a genuine drug from the pharmacies that we recommend to you, you are not likely to face any troubles with adverse side effects. However, if you purchase Viprogra from the drugstores that we don’t recommend to you, you are more likely to face side effects. These side effects arise since counterfeit drugs will contain the wrong active ingredient or the right active ingredient but in excess. Both of these will affect you negatively. The wrong ingredient will cause other health problems to arise while the right active ingredient but in excess will cause overdosing while you think that you are taking your Viprogra in the correct dosage. To avoid these troubles, ensure that you consult our TOP Recommended Pharmacies List. We have conducted a research on these stores and determined that they are safe.