What Happens if You Stop Taking Finasteride?

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Finasteride is a medication administered to offer relief from Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. It is also used by men suffering from baldness and loss of hair to prevent further loss of hair. This medication does not provide immediate relief and results may take as long as six months to show especially for those suffering from hair loss. For men who are using Finasteride for BPH relief, this treatment may go on for a long time as the drugs only aid in shrinking the enlarged prostate but do not offer a permanent cure. This is why one may at a point feel the urge to stop the medication.

The following are results of stopping the intake of Finasteride:

  • The hair will fall off again as the growth was depending on Finasteride. You will be as bald as you were before starting the medication.
  • The prostate will enlarge again just as it was before the treatment began.

Getting Off Finasteride the Healthy Way

The following are steps that should be taken in order to get off the regular dose of Finasteride with minimal side effects:

  • Consult the doctor who prescribed the drugs to you with the intention to discontinue the medication known to him.
  • With the help of the doctor, make an outline of the gains you have had since you began using Finasteride, as well as the side effects that you have been experiencing since you began taking the drugs. Note down which weighs more.
  • If it is the case of enlarged prostate, discuss other available options of treatment because as we know, Finasteride does not cure, it only offers relief as long as you are taking the drugs. Options like Terazosin could be considered at this point.
  • The best way to get off Finasteride is simply to stop taking it. Reducing the dosage will make the amount of drug in your blood to get lower but you will still experience the side effects of the drug. If one feels that the side effects supersedes the benefits, stop using it and after a short while the side effects may either go away or persist even further.

Stopping Finasteride Side Effects

It comes a time when the side effects of taking Finasteride exceeds the gains from it and eventually one decides to quit and look for another option. Contrary to what one may expect, the side effects of using the drug do not just go away after one stop taking the drug. To others, the side effects may go away for a short duration and then bounce back, a condition commonly referred to as Crash of the endocrine system. Some of these side effects of post-Finasteride include:

  • Declining sexual desire; the urge to have sex gets at its lowest.
  • Diminishing arousal; what used to turn be a turn on no longer does despite any efforts made to put him in the mood.
  • Erectile dysfunction; the penis will not get hard no matter the efforts made.
  • Hot flashes.
  • Feeling very tired.
  • Shrinking of the penis and the scrotum.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Painful testicles.
  • Poor quality of semen leading to infertility.

How Long Does it Take for Propecia to Leave Your System?

To some men, the effects of Propecia may not prolong after they stop taking the drug and to others, the post-Finasteride effects may not go away for a very long time. Some are even unable to lose the extra weight gained in the process of taking the medication, including the enlarged breasts. This could be even more depressing than the side effects of the drug. Some men even get to a point of becoming suicidal and their self-esteem is completely shattered. Below are some ways of dealing with post-Propecia side effects:

  • Avoid substances that contain caffeine; one of the side effects is lack of sleep and coffee is well known to induce lack of sleep. Ensure you get enough sleep and you may finally be able to stay focused and regain your memory.
  • Exercise moderately; exercising is a great way to get relief from stressful conditions but this should be done in moderation. If you exercise and end up feeling bad, take a break and rest until the body is ready for exercise again.
  • Keep off all drugs temporarily if you can; if there are natural remedies that would substitute the use of drugs, go for them to enable the liver to recover well from the toxics of Propecia.
  • Keep off alcohol; Save all the energy that you possibly can including sparing your body from the stress of elimination alcohol toxins. Alcohol requires a lot of energy to digest it and the body does not have that strength now.
  • Be positive; try as hard as possible to remain focused on the fact that you will get better as this is a great boost to your recovery journey.

It may be impossible to fully recover from the side effects that follow the use of Finasteride but this should not be the end of life for such a person. Remaining positive is the main key to the recovery journey.

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A single pill was the beginning of the horrible journey whose end is not known. This may have more adverse effects especially if the man does not have the support of the spouse. However, it takes a strong will to accept and move on; despite the duration, it will take to fully recover. A great way to aid in the recovery is to educate others about the dangers of taking that pill that may end up ruining any chances of ever being able to raise a child. Let people understand that though it may be socially odd to have a bald head, it is better than living the rest of your life with erectile dysfunction and subsequent infertility. Get the right advice from qualified doctors before you make that purchase at our Top Online Pharmacies.